IBM UNIX Operating System Tops D.H. Brown Report

Internet Functions Lift AIX over Solaris, Digital UNIX and NT

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Somers, N.Y. - 24 Nov 1998: . . . IBM's UNIX operating system, AIX, outpaced competing operating systems from Compaq, Sun, Silicon Graphics, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft in a new consultant review.

The report, published by D.H. Brown Associates, Inc., notes AIX's superior performance in two key categories: Internet/Intranet Capabilities and System Management.

According to the study, AIX has the industry's strongest set of Internet features with a broad range of TCP/IP technologies including IPv6, the "next-generation'' Internet Protocol. It goes on to praise AIX's secure Virtual Private Network offering, and unmatched options for electronic commerce. When it comes to user-friendly system management, D.H. Brown reports AIX long ago set the standard and that the latest revision "retains a wide lead . . . thanks to its Java-based system management . . . and provides remote management capabilities via Java-enabled Web browsers.''

The report evaluates AIX Version 4.3.2, announced Oct. 5. AIX supports both 32- and 64-bit IBM RS/6000 systems, from workstations, to web servers, to many of the world's most powerful computers.

"True to its e-business marketing themes, IBM has taken the most active role among the major operating system vendors in providing electronic commerce software for its AIX customers,'' said Tony Iams, senior analyst in D.H. Brown's Systems Software research program.

"This report reaffirms IBM's technology leadership as we accelerate our UNIX development,'' said Rajiv Samant, general manager of UNIX, IBM Server Group. ``IBM is working with SCO, Sequent and Intel to take the best technology from each company and build the leading UNIX operating system for computers based both on IBM and Intel microprocessors.''

D.H. Brown also singled out AIX for its clustering capabilities noting that the operating system distinguishes itself with overwhelming advantages for disaster recovery and remote data replication.

AIX scored a number of other "firsts" this year including: