Fact Sheet: IBM Expands Functionality of IBM Net.Commerce Software Through New Business Partner Relationships

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December 1 - 01 Dec 1998: . . . In addition to its existing software portfolio, IBM is working with business partners to deliver customers the broadest array of e-business technology and solutions.

IBM is helping to increase functionality in electronic commerce solutions by working with many business partners to ensure their commerce applications work with IBM Net.Commerce. In some cases, business partner code is integrated directly in IBM Net.Commerce adding additional functionality and value.

IBM* today announced relationships with 18 new business partners offering leading-edge functionality in the areas of: personalization, merchandising, customer service, payments, reporting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management. These business partners are working with IBM to offer e-business solutions that deliver a competitive advantage to businesses in all industries.

IBM announced relationships with the following business partners:

ASSIST Cornerstone Technologies** ( www.assistintl.com/)
Founded in 1987, Salt Lake City-based ASSIST Cornerstone Technologies is a leading provider of e-commerce and sales accounting software and consulting services. ASSIST's powerful AS/400-based business software is modularly designed to be implemented as an integrated, end-to-end enterprise solution or by individual module. Uniquely tailored to meet each client's needs, the ASSIST software provides modules for direct marketing and retail catalog companies that link with IBM Net.Commerce. ASSIST products are sold and implemented worldwide.

CyberCash** ( www.cybercash.com)
CyberCash provides a complete line of software products and services allowing merchants, billers, financial institutions and consumers to conduct secure transactions using a broad array of popular payment forms. CyberCash's payment solutions, CashRegister** and NetVERIFY**, have been integrated into IBM Net.Commerce allowing merchants to process transactions through their own financial institutions using one of the leading Internet payment software providers. CyberCash's CashRegister service provides another way for companies using IBM Net.Commerce to incorporate payment functionality to their Web sites quickly and easily.

CyberSource** ( www.cybersource.com)
CyberSource is a global provider of on-demand commerce applications and digital rights management services that enable Internet merchants to securely conduct business online in real time. Global, on-demand commerce applications include a high performance payment gateway, Internet fraud
screen, real-time export compliance and territory management, fulfillment messaging and digital delivery applications, as well as rights management services for digital property. Using CyberSource On-Demand** commerce applications, businesses automate operations and gain the benefits of outsourcing complex Internet commerce infrastructures, without giving up flexibility and control. Access to CyberSource On-Demand Commerce Applications through IBM Net.Commerce will provide IBM customers with a robust solution for online payment processing, fraud detection, and digital delivery.

Datasul** ( www.datasul.com)
Headquartered in Santa Catarina, Brazil, Datasul has helped companies meet business goals by providing both enterprise-wide systems solutions and consulting experience since 1978. Datasul's EMS Framework** is an enterprise-wide ERP application for manufacturing, distribution, and financial management. EMS Framework includes modules for human resources, finance, manufacturing, procurement, materials management and sales and distribution. IBM Net.Commerce will provide electronic commerce capabilities to Datasul's in-depth EMS Framework, allowing companies to improve resource management utilization while improving response time to clients and competitors.

e2 Software Corp.**( www.e2software.com)
Headquartered in Plano, Texas, e2 Software Corporation provides the software foundation to make electronic mail a superior way for companies to interact with their customers. By combining the power and economics of e-mail with traditional sales, marketing and customer service concepts, e2 Software solves the problem of how companies can manage e-mail overload to automatically build personal and unique relationships with customers. The company's e2 SalesOffice**, its award-winning Internet sales and eMarketing solution, will work with IBM Net.Commerce to provide enhanced merchandising capabilities. The e2 Sales Office solution will enable companies to monitor and capture site visitor information and automate targeted, direct sales and marketing campaigns.

EuroSoft** ( www.es-software.com)
Headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, EuroSoft is a software design and consulting company. Targeting the insurance and health care industries, EuroSoft's Auto Attendance Terminal** (TAA) solution provides online access to key information via kiosks placed in strategic locations throughout Southern and Southeast Brazil. The information is accessible through a connection to the EuroSoft Solution Server. With the TAA solution, users can access information about an insurance agreement, obtain a copy of an invoice or insurance card and get authorization for medical examinations, or others functions depending upon the customer needs. By working with IBM Net.Commerce, the TAA solution will provide enhanced e-business opportunities for the health and insurance industry in Brazil.

Information Builders, Inc.** (IBI) ( www.ibi.com)
Headquartered in New York City, Information Builders, Inc. is one of the top suppliers of business software and consulting services worldwide helping companies and government agencies to leverage informational assets. Information Builders' EDA middleware** offers access to IBM and non-IBM databases and platforms, allowing IBM Net.Commerce to integrate with existing legacy-based and ERP-based systems. Incorporating Information Builders' EDA middleware, companies and government agencies will be able to create an electronic commerce solution using IBM Net.Commerce in non-IBM environments.

Ironside Technologies** ( www.ironside.com)
Based in Pleasanton, Calif., Ironside Technologies develops and sells innovative business-to-business electronic commerce solutions for the mid-tier manufacturing and distribution market. The recently announced Ironworks** solution works with IBM Net.Commerce enabling companies to deploy more flexible business-to-business electronic commerce solutions. Combined with Net.Commerce, Ironworks' unique Java-based architecture offers AS/400* or IBM NetFinity* customers fast, real-time performance to Internet electronic commerce order entry and order management applications.

Magic Consulting Australia* ( magic-sw.com)
Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Magic Consulting Australia (MCA), a subsidiary of Magic Software Australia (MSA), is a consulting and application development company with indepth expertise in a combination of Client /Server and Internet/intranet application developments. Magic's Ezy-Rules** solution incorporates MSA workflow, business knowledge applications and IBM Net.Commerce to deliver rapid e-business capabilities including telephone comparison Web billing system, auction shopping system, food ordering system, taxi ordering system, supermarket Internet application system and online reservation booking system.

Netcentives**( www.netcentives.com)
Headquartered in San Francisco, Netcentives provides online marketers, including barnesandnoble.com, Music Boulevard and Preview Travel, with the effective, measurable promotional tools and solutions they need to increase revenue from Internet transactions. Its flagship program, the ClickRewards Shopping Network**, holds exclusive agreements with the seven leading airlines to reward online consumer behavior with frequent flyer miles. A technology-based solution, ClickRewards Server** (CRS) is a turnkey system that manages the transfer, tracking and redemption of digital promotional currencies. Companies using IBM Net.Commerce will have the ability to easily deploy CRS and efficiently test and modify their promotional programs in the rapid time frame necessary to the electronic commerce environment. Current and future IBM Net.Commerce customers will be able to purchase the ClickRewards System from Netcentives and take advantage of merchandising capabilities designed to increase customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.

net.Genesis Corp.** ( www.netgen.com)
Headquartered in Boston, net.Genesis Corp. is a leading provider of e-business intelligence software
and services for enterprises that market, sell, and support their products online. Over 250 market leaders in financial services, high tech, media/entertainment, pharmaceutical and consumer goods use net.Analysis** to correlate information about Web site visitor behavior with other enterprise
business data. This knowledge is used to improve online business and strategic decision making, maximize return on investment, and enable users to target sales and marketing messages on a "one-to-few" or "one-to-one" basis. net.Analysis acts as another data mining solution for the IBM Net.Commerce customers, providing a greater understanding of their online customers.

Paciolan** ( www.paciolan.com)
Since 1980, Long Beach, Calif.-based Paciolan Systems has been a developer of integrated ticketing solutions widely used in professional sports, college athletics, performing arts, museums, and attractions. The company is introducing e.Venue**, an entertainment and sports ticketing solution module that works with IBM Net.Commerce to provide secure, Web-based sales of tickets and related merchandise. e.Venue will connect Paciolan clients with both emerging ticket distribution channels such as the Internet and traditional ticket distributors.

PaylinX** ( www.paylinx.com)
PaylinX is an enterprise commerce innovator and a leading provider of IBM Payment Server solutions. The company's highly scalable payment servers securely perform real-time authorization, settlement and back-office management functions for transaction processing of conventional credit, corporate and GSA purchasing cards. PaylinX for IBM Net.Commerce enables companies to build cost-effective electronic commerce Web sites, automate corporate purchasing and supply chain management and establish distinctive Web storefronts for business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications. By working with PaylinX, IBM Net.Commerce customers can leverage another credit card verification solution.

Seagate Software** ( www.seagatesoftware.com)
Seagate Software, a subsidiary of Seagate Technology, Inc., develops tools and applications for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) -- the solution for the growing need of corporations for superior information delivery, analysis and availability. Seagate Crystal Reports** provides IBM e-business solutions advanced query and reporting functionality. Working with IBM Net.Commerce, Seagate Crystal Reports delivers the tools necessary to examine sales trends, expose customer relationships and focus on important factors affecting their Web site.

Simware** ( http://www.simware.com)
Based in Ottawa, Canada, Simware products allows companies to create corporate extranets that deliver enterprise-based business applications to company stakeholders through the Internet. For 16 years, Simware has provided proven software solutions that have enabled its Global 2000 customers to leverage their enterprise systems to dramatically improve service delivery, reduce costs, increase revenues, and gain strategic advantage. Salvo**, the Simware flagship product, is an application development environment that uses component-based business logic for creating new enterprise-level extranet applications. Utilizing IBM Net.Commerce, Salvo will extend existing applications to an extranet providing secure access to company partners. Combined, IBM Net.Commerce and Salvo will enable enterprise organizations to create multi-tier applications that are robust, scalable and easy to maintain.

SNS/Assure Corp.**( www.sns.ca)
SNS/Assure Corp. in Ontario, Canada, is the largest, third party credit card processing service available in Canada today. It has provided outsourced secure payment and electronic commerce services for the past 13 years to customers in industries ranging from financial services and retail to health care and transportation. Its capabilities include credit and debit processing, network support services, health claims processing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and workflow and document management. The company has produced software which allows IBM Net.Commerce customers to easily enable real-time electronic credit card authorization. The SNS/Assure solution for IBM Net.Commerce provides merchants with another solution for SSL activation, the ability to process all transaction and card types and to view transaction history, as well as complete and secure Internet transactions.

United Parcel Service (UPS)** ( www.ups.com)
IBM Net.Commerce leverages the UPS Internet Tools package tracking capability to help merchants provide better customer service while reducing operating costs. IBM Net.Commerce provides the ability to store the shipment tracking number and shipping date for each individual item in a customer's order. Using IBM Net.Commerce, merchants can create a link on the order status page to bring a customer directly to the UPS Web site to check the package's shipment status. As the world's largest package distribution company, UPS offers Internet Tools to help merchants serve customers better by providing tracking and rating of packages worldwide from the UPS Web site.

VideoServer*** ( www.videoserver.com)
Since 1991, VideoServer has provided multimedia networked conferencing applications enabling people in multiple locations to communicate together using any combination of audio, video, and data. A new
bundled version of the company's NetServer** and NetGate** for Intranets will better serve conferencing and distance learning opportunities by offering connectivity to IBM's Enterprise Suite* for Windows NT** and IBM Net.Commerce. These bundled solutions provide a flexible and secure front end for providers of Distance Learning content, feature live interactive collaborations for remote online education, and provide a payment vehicle system utilizing IBM Net.Commerce.

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*Indicates trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

**Indicates trademark or registered trademark of respective companies.

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