Kantana Selects IBM Scale-Out File Services to Boost Its Data Storage System for Animation Production

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BANGKOK, THAILAND - 18 Jan 2008: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that Kantana, the pioneer of the animation production industry in Thailand, has selected IBM Scale-out File Services to increase the efficiency of its storage system.

Kantana foresees that not only computer graphic programs are needed for animation work, but also that information technology (IT) systems play an important role in data storage and processing, in order to expand the abilities of its animation team to create works with the same quality as international productions.

With fifty-six years experience in the entertainment industry, Kantana is one of the leading entertainment companies in Thailand. It has been widely recognized for a variety of entertainment works such as drama series, feature films, TV commercials, documentaries, and a reality show. The company also produced the first Thai 3D animation film "The Adventure of Khan Klauy," which was widely accepted by Thai audiences and was greatly acclaimed winning both Thai and international awards.

Kantana perceives that fine components including characters, scenes, lighting and camera angles in film-making are essential for quality animation productions. Apart from using their power of imagination to create animated components, Kantana's animation team has to review the components several times in order to revise and develop them closely to meet a high degree of quality.

To enhance their animated film production, Kantana chose IBM Scale-out File Services (SoFS), an all-in-one data storage solution that creates efficient data storage and manages data in parallel with the growth of Kantana's animation business. IBM's SoFS solution allows Kantana to enhance its creative capabilities for more high quality works, thanks the quick processing capacity of SoFS.

"Kantana implemented the IBM Scale-out File Services solution for central data storage as a system which allows our animation team to keep their animated works in a central database. This helps other animators to easily access the animated works and develop them into completed works," said Auchara Kijkanjanas, managing director of Kantana Animation Studio Co., Ltd. "The reason we chose IBM's solution is because we need an efficient data storage system to support our management system, to meet the company's animation business growth and to enhance our animators' ability for high quality works. We studied IBM's Scale-out File Services solution and reached a conclusion that the solution best addresses our company's requirements."

"Kantana chose IBM for the implementation of IBM Scale-out File Services (SoFS) because they are confident that we are the leader in technology for the entertainment industry. Our professional team advises Kantana's technical team, and allowed them to test the efficiency of the IBM Scale-out File Services (SoFS) before reaching a decision," said Yos Kimsawatde, manager, IBM Thailand Company Limited. "IBM's expert technical team is always ready to give Kantana a hand, as well as prepare ready-to-install servers, which can immediately function in case existing servers are fully loaded while processing a maximum of animation works. All of IBM's dedicated efforts assure Kantana that IBM is the appropriate business partner and means to be a part of Kantana's success for the long term."

IBM Scale-out File Services is designed to help every business eliminate information-sharing challenges by consolidating fragmented islands of information into a global, infinitely scalable, heterogeneous grid that operates the most resilient, high performance environment. IBM SoFS improves total cost of ownership through storage, server and management platform consolidation.

More information on IBM's Scale-out File Services is available at http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/its/html/sofs-landing.html.

About Kantana Group
Kantana Group Public Company Limited operates as an entertainment business entity and is widely recognized as the leading entertainment company in Thailand. It was founded in 1951 as a radio drama troupe by Mr. Pradit and Mrs. Somsook Kaljaruek. In 1958, the company expanded its business into drama series production starting with "Ying Kor Mee Hua Jai," televised on Channel 7 (now Channel 5). Thereafter, Kantana has produced numerous entertainment productions including drama series, feature films, TV commercials, documentaries, and various TV programs.

Presently, Kantana's businesses are divided into four business areas including television programs and related businesses, film and post productions, edutainment and government public affairs series. The Group includes a wide range of subsidiaries such as Kantana Movie Town (2002) Co., Ltd., Saradee Co., Ltd., Kantana Laboratories Co., Ltd., Kantana Motion Pictures Co., Ltd., Oriental Post Co., Ltd., Kantana Animation Studio Co., Ltd., Kantana Edutainment (International) Co., Ltd., Kantana Organizer & Management Co., Ltd. etc. For further information, please visit http://www.kantana.com

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