IBM Netfinity Servers and DB2 Universal Database Drive Down the Cost of Business Intelligence

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Somers, NY - 15 Dec 1998: . . . IBM today announced new record-breaking performance for business intelligence solutions based on its Netfinity(a) line of Intel processor-based servers. Shattering recent performance and price/performance records set by Compaq, the Netfinity 7000 M10 results bring powerful business intelligence solutions within reach of a broadening array of midsize businesses, with data-rich IT systems.

Business intelligence -- including data warehousing, data mining and on-line analytical processing (OLAP) tools -- allows companies to gain additional insights from their data. IBM servers and business intelligence tools enable organizations around the world to make faster, more informed decisions about markets to enter, customers to recruit and products to promote, and help increase profitability and competitiveness.

The Netfinity 7000 M10 server delivered significantly lower cost per business inquiry, measured in $/QphD@100GB, and achieved a power result that is 66% higher than its nearest competitor, the Compaq ProLiant 7000.(1) Configured with four Pentium(b) II Xeon(b) processors, 2.5GB of memory, and running IBM's DB2(a) Universal Database, the Netfinity 7000 M10 server posted the highest power (3450.0 QppD@100GB) recorded on a four-processor, Windows NT-based server at the lowest price/performance ratio ($130/QphD@100GB) in the industry.

The performance breakthroughs, which were verified by Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) auditors on December 1, 1998, ranked the Netfinity 7000 M10 and DB2 Universal Database as the performance leader among all hardware and database vendors for 100GB TPC-D results on a four-processor, Intel-based system, and the price/performance leader overall. The planned availability of the DB2 Universal Database software used to achieve these results is December 31, 1998. An executive summary of the TPC-D report can be obtained on the Internet from IBM Netfinity at
The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC(b)) Benchmark D simulates data modeling and trend analysis of information contained within a large database such as a data mart or data warehouse. Customers can use TPC-D results to better understand the relative performance of business intelligence systems from different vendors. More information on the TPC-D benchmark can be found at the Transaction Processing Performance Council web site at

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(a) Trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp.

(b) Intel, Pentium and Xeon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corp.

(c) TPC Benchmark, TPC-D, QppD, QthD and QphD are trademarks of the Transaction Processing Performance Council.

All other company/product names and service marks may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

(1) TPC-D performance results of competitive four-processor, Windows NT-based systems are listed below. Results referenced in this document are current as of December 1, 1998. Complete test summaries are available on the Internet at

IBM Netfinity 7000 M10 w/DB2 -- QppD@100GB =3443.2; QthD@100GB=831.2; $/QphD@100G=$130.00; Total Solution Availability Date:12/31/98

Compaq Proliant 7000 M1 w/DB2 -- QppD@100GB =2295.3; QthD@100GB=841.8; $/QphD@100G=$146.00; Total Solution Availability Date:10/31/98

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