Lotus and IBM Set Record of 28,800 Users

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ORLANDO - 18 Jan 1999: -A record 28,800 users running off a single copy of Lotus Domino on an IBM RS/6000 server with the AIX operating system was measured using the Lotus NotesBench standard.

The announcement was made here today at the Lotusphere conference. The ability to handle greater numbers of users indicates that customers can consolidate onto fewer servers to lower the complexity and cost to connect the same number of users.

The previous record set in November was 27,030 Domino mail users on an IBM AS/400 server.

The measurement demonstrates the capabilities of Lotus software for messaging and collaboration along with IBM's server technology. In the NotesBench testing, the average user response time was measured at less than one second. That measurement indicates that each command to open an e-mail note, for example, was executed by the server inless than one second.

"Thousands of users can be connected using a combination of Lotussoftware and IBM servers," said John E. Kelly III, general manager of IBM server technology. "Significantly, Lotus and IBM are working closely to continue to drive these numbers to new summits. We haven't stopped here and are looking forward to testing Lotus Domino/Notes R5 on IBM's servers, from Netfinity to S/390."

"IBM, among the largest users of Lotus collaborative software, is a good example of an enterprise that needs software and hardware to support thousands of users," said Eileen Rudden, senior vice president of the communications products division, Lotus Development Corporation. "Large organizations can choose to move to larger servers to consolidate users and numbers of smaller servers. For example, among the largest known Lotus mail installations is IBM's GlobalServices which has 17,500 Lotus mail users with 7,000 of those on a single S/390 server."

"We rely on IBM's highly available RS/6000 servers distributed throughout our operations to connect 4,000 Lotus Notes users," said Joop van der Poel, IT Director, Achmea (The Netherlands), an industry leading, rapidly-growing conglomerate of Dutch financial services companies, including insurance companies and financiers. "During 1999, the number of Notes users will increase to more than 10,000 supported by the RS/6000 Domino backbone infrastructure"

"We consolidated a significant number of over 50 Windows NT and OS/2 servers onto our RS/6000s, allowing us a significant cost savings and helping us manage our mission critical enterprise messaging and groupware infrastructure."

IBM servers now account for five of the top six slots in the independent NotesBench tests (list follows). The RS/6000 and AS/400 models use IBM's powerful Northstar chip technology as their main processing engines.

Platform Max # users Number of CPUs Audit Date
IBM RS/6000 Enterprise Server S70 28,800 12 11-Dec-98
IBM AS/400e S40-2208 27,030 12 30-Oct-98
IBM AS/400e S40-9405 10,400 12 23-Jan-98
IBM RS/6000 F50 6,400 4 3-Sep-98
Sun Enterprise 450 6,400 4 19-Dec-97
IBM Netfinity 7000 M10 6,100 4 10-Nov-98

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The record 28,800 mail users was set on an RS/6000 EnterpriseServer S70 with 12 Northstar processors. It uses the AIX 4.3 operating system and Lotus Domino 4.6 server software.
More information on Lotus software and IBM servers can be foundon the Web at http://www.lotus.com/domino and http://www.ibm.com/Servers. The NotesBench Consortium is an independent, non-profitorganization dedicated to providing Domino and Notes performance information to customers. The NotesBench information and reports canbe found on the NotesBench Consortium home page at: http://www.notesbench.org. AIX, AS/400, Lotus Domino, Netfinity, OS/2, RS/6000, S/390 are trademarks of Lotus Development Corporation and IBM.

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