IBM Announces Industry's First End-to-End Security Solution for e-business

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San Jose, CA - 19 Jan 1999: -- IBM today announced the first comprehensive e-business security solution, which enables companies to turn to a single vendor for all the security software, hardware, and services needed when moving their businesses to the Internet.

The new IBM Integrated Security Solutions are for customers who wish to deploy their first e-business application securely; those who wish to strengthen the security of their existing applications; and those who want to enhance security as they grow their e-business capabilities.

IBM's Integrated Security Solutions consist of: IBM SecureWay* FirstSecure, which enables customers to integrate security for Web-based systems with legacy-based systems for the first time; Tivoli Availability products that address areas where uninterrupted network services are critical; and Tivoli Administration products that provide centralized, consistent ways to manage a secure network.

Key to today's announcement is FirstSecure's use of a Policy Director that simplifies security management in the enterprise. This centralized, directory-based system integrates the array of policy schemes for a company's security technologies -- firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion detection, digital certificate servers, etc. -- and the software that enforces those policies. Thus, multiple security functions work together more effectively.

"Today, enterprise security is an expensive and complex problem," said Jamie Lewis, president of The Burton Group. "Without an integrated security solution, customers can't effectively apply, and then audit, security policies through the enterprise. These security problems will only get more complex as customers roll out e-commerce applications. By offering an integrated security solution, IBM is addressing a clear customer problem, enabling a more comprehensive approach to e-business security."

IBM unveiled the Integrated Security Solutions today at the RSA Data Security Conference. In making the announcement, Jeff Jaffe, IBM's general manager, SecureWay, said: "Customers need comprehensive solutions, from encryption to virus protection, to simplify and grow their e-businesses securely. IBM has assembled and is integrating the best technology, including a broad-based offering from IBM, access control from DASCOM, filtering from Finjan, authentication technology from SDI, anti-virus from Symantec, content control and management from Content Technologies, and others. In addition, this integrated security solution incorporates the Common Data Security Architecture, CDSA, originated by Intel and adopted as an industry standard by the Open Group."

IBM SecureWay FirstSecure Offering
IBM SecureWay FirstSecure provides a comprehensive framework to help companies secure all aspects of networking via the Web and other networks, while helping them build on their current investments with modular, interoperable offerings and minimize total cost of ownership for conducting secure e-business.

It provides virus protection, access control, traffic content control, intrusion detection, encryption, digital certificates, firewall, toolkits and implementation services. These functions are delivered by IBM's existing family of security products as well as through new OEM offerings combining the best components of many security vendors.

FirstSecure provides a basic foundation for security in customer environments. It enables customers to begin to implement and enforce their security policies. This reduces complexity, minimizes costs, and allows rapid deployment of Web applications and resources.

The SecureWay FirstSecure offering will be available worldwide in several major languages in March 1999 with pricing details to be announced. More details on FirstSecure can be found in the attached fact sheet.

Included in the SecureWay FirstSecure announcement are updated versions of the IBM eNetwork Firewall and IBM Vault Registry products.

IBM is continuing to enhance IBM Vault Registry to take advantage of the CDSA open specification and the Public Key Infrastructure (PKIX) standard for interoperability, and to support a variety of applications including Web, VPN, and secure e-mail.

More details on the new IBM Firewall and Vault Registry products can be found in the attached fact sheets.

IBM's Integrated Security Solutions also utilize the following Tivoli offerings today, with additional integration planned for later this year:

Tivoli Availability Solutions
Tivoli Availability solutions, which include Tivoli Distributed Monitoring as well as other Tivoli products, enhance SecureWay FirstSecure by addressing those areas where denial of service and continuity of service are critical. This includes technologies that provide continuous operations for network services, the ability to recover systems that have been penetrated or lost, and the ability to recover data that has been secured through encryption. Tivoli Distributed Monitoring checks system resources and services, proactively detecting and automatically correcting potential problem situations, while escalating critical situations to the Tivoli Enterprise Console.

Tivoli Administration Solutions
Tivoli Administration solutions, composed of Tivoli Security Management and Tivoli User Administration products, provide security mechanisms to manage a security environment, including establishing and managing credentials for authorized users, controlling which users can access which resources, and enabling the use of a single sign-on to access multiple services. It provides centralized, consistent security management across platforms for the enterprise. Tivoli User Administration assists customers in managing user accounts including creating, modifying, deleting and securing user accounts. Tivoli Security Management provides customers the ability to consistently define, implement and enforce security policy across their network computing environment. Managed platforms and applications include UNIX, NT, OS/390, OS/400, NetWare and Lotus Notes.

Tivoli ADSM
Tivoli ADSM provides a broad, tightly integrated application and data management solution for customers' enterprise storage management needs. Tivoli ADSM provides customers with next-generation application-centric storage management solutions, supporting more platforms and operating systems than any other product available on the market today.

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