IBM and ABC Interactive Offer Combined e-business Solution That Provides Unique Website Analysis Tools and Addresses the Need for Greater Accountability in the Internet Advertising Industry

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SOMERS, NY - 25 Jan 1999: . . . IBM and ABC Interactive, the interactive auditing unit of the Audit Bureau of Circulations, today announced that they are working together to help provide an e-business solution so Website owners can better understand their return on investment for online advertising and identify visitor buying habits and behaviors.

IBM Global Services' SurfAid Analytics provides customers with comprehensive Website analysis tools for understanding Website visitors and site content usage. ABC Interactive's auditing services will help satisfy requirements for independent audit reports for online advertisers.

"We are pleased to be working with IBM to offer their customers an auditing solution to address the need for greater accountability in the Internet advertising industry," said Mike Lavery, President and Managing Director for ABC. "Seamless integration of activity measurement and verification functions by organizations such as IBM and ABC Interactive means greater convenience for sites that want to provide their advertisers with the accountability necessary to sustain and grow this medium."

"SurfAid is a premier Website analysis tool that allows customers to focus on understanding their visitors behaviors as well as content usage and what attracts them to a Website. As an IBM e-business tool, SurfAid helps companies get the most out of their Websites and make intelligent business decisions," said John Payne, IBM SurfAid Solutions Executive. "For example, it can profile a Website's users into usage groups to help identify niche behaviors or buying patterns. This valuable information can be used as a base to develop web marketing strategies and customer targets."

In addition, Payne said, "many customers are finding a need for audited information about their Websites that they can use to enhance their ROI. The combination of SurfAid and ABC Interactive addresses this need by providing a unique solution that gives customers a competitive advantage."

SurfAid is a full-function Website analysis solution that combines advanced IBM data mining techniques and marketing information systems. SurfAid also features an intuitive graphical interface so customers can track traditional web statistics and then analyze them to determine how visitors are interacting with the site. For more information, visit">

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