IBM Announces New 8371 Multilayer Ethernet Switch for Seamlessly Integrating Ethernet and ATM Networks

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C - 26 Jan 1999: ..IBM today announced its first switch for integrating Ethernet and Asynchronous Transfer Mode networks, allowing customers to extend the reliability and scalability of ATM throughout the enterprise.

The 8371 Multilayer Ethernet Switch is the first in a family of campus switching products from IBM to deliver advanced IP-based services, delivering access from any Ethernet hub or switching solution to an ATM backbone. It is available as a standalone unit or as a module for IBM's 8265 Nways ATM Switch.

The 8371 is a wire speed Layer 3 switch featuring 16 fixed 10/100 autosensing ports, along with expansion slots that allow customers to configure a solution that meets their individual requirements. For the expansion slots, customers may choose from additional 10/100 autosensing ports, gigabit Ethernet or OC-12 uplinks.

"Today's announcement reconfirms IBM's commitment to Ethernet while leveraging our ATM backbone technology," said Bob Greenberg, vice president enterprise and service provider business lines, IBM's Networking Hardware Division. "With the 8371, we deliver benefits of ATM where it is needed in the network, while using the cost efficiency and ease-of-use of Ethernet. This enables our customers to create a hybrid network that maps to the immediate needs of today's enterprise customers as they look to deploy e-business solutions."

The 8371 Multilayer Ethernet Switch Standalone Unit
The 8371 Multilayer Ethernet Switch standalone unit (Model-A16) will connect any Ethernet hub or switching solution to an ATM backbone via unshielded twisted pair (UTP) or fiber optic uplink. In addition, the 8371 Switch provides IP Multicast functionality to ease the increasing demand on bandwidth from applications utilizing push technology and video streaming capabilities. The 8371 Switch offers next generation LAN Emulation (LANE) client functions to connect Ethernet networks to an ATM infrastructure. The 8371 also features MPOA for IP and IPX, based on next generation LAN Emulation (LANE-2) client functions.

The 8371 Switch includes 16 10/100 BaseTX UTP ports and 2 expansion slots. The expansion slots support:

The 8371 Multilayer Switch Module for IBM's 8265 Nways ATM Switch
The 8371 is also available as a module for IBM's leading 8265 Nways ATM Backbone Switch. The 8371 Module features 16 10/100 BaseTX UTP ports with 1 expansion slot or 16 100BaseFX ports with 1 expansion slot. The expansion slot supports:

New Enhancements to 8210 MSS
In addition, IBM recently announced performance (minimum 50% throughput increase), usability and functionality enhancements to its 8210 Multiprotocol Switched Services Server (MSS) software and hardware. The MSS is an IBM-developed technology that implements multiprotocol, distributed routing in switched networks to improve the performance, scalability and reliability of ATM networks.

The 8371 module, the 8265, and the enhanced 8210 MSS software and hardware provides: