IBM Strengthens Software Offerings for Improved Business Integration

Next Generation of MQSeries Software Maximizes Business Processes for E-Business

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ORLANDO - 26 Jan 1999: -- IBM today announced the next generation of its industry-leading MQSeries*, powerful messaging software that shuttles business data between diverse systems, enabling companies to respond to e-business growth by connecting critical business information with people across intranets and extranets quickly, securely and reliably.

Providing enterprises, system integrators and software developers with the best technology for integrating and automating business processes, IBM is adding new features across the entire MQSeries family for a range of platforms -- from PCs to mainframes. With worldwide Internet sales projected to reach $350 billion by the year 2002+, companies now more than ever need this technology to do Web-based transactions that rely on the connections that link employees, customers and partners with business data.

New features include a powerful publish/subscribe capability that enables users to receive customized messages, and improved scalability and systems administration. The latest version of MQSeries for Windows NT** is easier to use with an enhanced graphical user interface and graphical tools to simplify MQSeries network administration. MQSeries Workflow for OS/390 extends the benefits of MQSeries to the largest and most powerful processor in the world, simplifying integration of mission-critical applications across large enterprises. In addition, IBM announced its first message broker product, MQSeries Integrator, which routes, translates and exchanges messages between applications.

"IBM's new MQSeries offerings demonstrate our commitment to addressing the business integration needs of tomorrow's enterprises, today," said John Swainson, general manager, IBM Application and Integration Middleware. "Based on the reliable foundation of IBM MQSeries messaging software, our Business Integration portfolio provides the most complete and reliable messaging, message brokering and workflow solutions in the industry -- and on the most platforms. These solutions help our customers embrace and extend their existing IT investments to maximize e-business opportunities."

IBM's MQSeries family enables businesses to improve overall efficiencies by automating core business processes, and to reach new markets quickly through swift, secure Internet links. The MQSeries family also delivers cost-effective ways for enterprises to link with partners and suppliers for tighter supply-chain management and, in the case of a merger or acquisition, helps companies combine IT assets more quickly and efficiently.

"By the turn of the century, the most successful companies will be those that leverage their IT infrastructure as an electronic business driver," said Judith Hurwitz, President & CEO, Hurwitz Group. "As this infrastructure becomes the embodiment of a company's business-to-business and business-to-customer persona, reliability and predicable scalability become increasingly critical."

New and Improved MQSeries Family
IBM's MQSeries family -- MQSeries, MQSeries Integrator and MQSeries Workflow -- is the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of message-oriented middleware for business integration. Major enhancements to the MQSeries family include:

MQSeries Version 5.1 and MQSeries for OS/390, Version 2.1, include new features that will enable IT managers to roll-out and scale-up business critical applications across the enterprise more quickly. A feature called Dynamic Workload Distribution unifies MQSeries servers to maximize IT utilization and provide automatic recovery if systems fail. New publish/subscribe capabilities allow MQSeries to act like an information distribution service enabling users to share (publish) information across the enterprise with users who have previously requested (subscribed) that specific information.

MQSeries for Windows NT, Version 5.1 has numerous usability enhancements, such as a default configuration that's ready to go, graphical interfaces for working on queues, and new graphical tools and a programming interface that simplifies management of the MQSeries network. Like its predecessor, the new version is authorized to use the "Designed for Microsoft** BackOffice**" logo.

MQSeries Version 5.1 will be available worldwide for Windows NT, AIX*, HP-UX***, OS/2* Warp, and Sun Solaris*** platforms in 2Q 1999. MQSeries will also be enhanced for AS/400 to provide the new features. MQSeries for OS/390*, Version 2.1 -- the latest version of MQSeries for MVS/ESA -- is available worldwide. Pricing varies by platform, starting at $3,000 (US).

An MQSeries server and an MQSeries link for SAP R/3 on Compaq DIGITAL UNIX is also now available, making the integration of these systems simpler than ever.

MQSeries Integrator
Previously jointly marketed by IBM and New Era of Networks, Inc. (NEON) as MQIntegrator***, IBM MQSeries Integrator uses NEON's advanced rules and formatter engine closely integrated with IBM's MQSeries. Now, as part of IBM's Business Integration portfolio, MQSeries Integrator will provide new opportunities for IBM business partners to provide tools, utilities and services to capitalize on the tremendous growth in the message-oriented middleware market. Dataquest estimates that the application integration and message-oriented middleware worldwide marketplace will be worth more than $1 billion by the year 2001 (Dataquest, "Development Tools and Middleware Worldwide - Market Trends," October 1998).

"NEON's rules engine and formatter serve at the heart of MQSeries Integrator," said Rick Adam, CEO for NEON. "IBM's announcement demonstrates that our relationship with them continues to strengthen as we both move forward in providing the most comprehensive enterprise application integration solutions available."
IBM Education and Training, NEON and MQSoftware, Inc. will deliver a worldwide training program for new customers and business partners in 1Q 1999 to help them rapidly respond to growing demand for business integration projects. Enrollment for training will be managed by IBM and information on 1999 schedules is available at"> and at

MQSeries Integrator will be available in US English on distributed platforms in 1Q 1999 and on S/390 in 2Q 1999. Pricing varies by platform, starting at $100,000 (US).

MQSeries Workflow
IBM MQSeries Workflow for OS/390, Version 3.1, allows customers to define and execute business processes based on their specific business requirements -- for example, processing bank loan applications faster to improve customer service and reduce costs. The new version includes workstation clients for various platforms. It also includes a graphical build-time client for Windows NT and Windows 95 that makes it easy for users to visualize, design, and modify business process flows. With MQSeries Workflow for OS/390, users can integrate host applications into business workflows, taking advantage of Workload Manager, for dynamically prioritizing messaging workloads, and gain the same high degree of transactional integrity as in a CICS or IMS environment.

MQSeries Workflow for OS/390, Version 3.1, will be available worldwide in 1Q 1999. Pricing varies by number of users and processor capacity. OS/390 is the IBM S/390* flagship operating system.

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