IBM Announces Lowest Price Point on Mixed-Media Switches

Five New Ethernet Switches Introduced

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C - 23 Feb 1999: ..IBM today announced the first Ethernet switches on the market to provide mixed media connectivity in a single unit at $303 per fiber port, the lowest list price in the industry.

The 8275 Ethernet Workgroup Switch model 300 series is designed for medium and large businesses, providing Ethernet connectivity for mixed-media environments allowing customers to more easily and economically manage their networks. IBM also introduced the 8275 model 200 series of switches, which are designed to provide Ethernet connections for small- to medium-sized customers, allowing them to inexpensively increase their network capacity.

"IBM is becoming a significant player in the Ethernet space and is delivering on its promise to provide business partners with a broad range of Ethernet products that are competitive in price and performance," said Dan Del Vecchio, vice president of sales, Data Kinetics. "As mixed media environments become prevalent, the new 8275 model 300 series of switches solve a big problem for customers by providing copper and fiber connectivity in a single box at a very attractive price."

IBM-Designed 8275 Ethernet Switches for Medium- to Large-Sized Businesses

IBM's new 8275 Fast Ethernet Workgroup Switch model 300 series combines the low cost of a workgroup switch with the power of a backbone switch. Model 326 features 24 10/100Mbps copper autosensing ports; model 318 features 16 100Mpbs fiber autosensing ports; and model 322 features a combination of 12 copper and 8 fiber ports.

The 8275 model 300 series are high performance switches designed with a 5Gbps backplane that provide wire-speed packet filtering and forwarding rate. They also feature Fast Ethernet copper and fiber uplinks for connectivity to backbones or servers. For additional high-speed uplinks, these new models offer two optional slots for Fast Ethernet or Gigabit connections.

IBM-Designed 8275 Ethernet Switches for Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses

IBM's new 8275 Ethernet Workgroup Switch model 200 series offers 10Mbps connections to the desktop or workgroup and 100 Mbps connections to servers or backbones. Delivering wire-speed connectivity, the 8275 model 217 features 16 10Mbps ports and model 225 offers 24 10Mbps ports. These new switches also offer a fixed 10/100BASE-TX port and two optional Fast Ethernet uplinks for copper or fiber connections.

Pricing and Availability

The 8275 model 300 series is priced from $119 per port and will be available on March 19, 1999. The 8275 model 200 series is priced from $56 per port and will be available on March 19, 1999.