IBM® Aptiva® PCs Hit Home With New Industry-Leading Technologies and Innovative Designs

Flexible Radial Arm Dramatically Saves Desktop Space and Improves PC Viewing Experience; New Pentium® III Processor-Based Aptivas Start at $1,799*

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February 26 - 26 Feb 1999: ... Research Triangle Park, NC ... IBM today unveiled two new Aptiva S Series models that feature Intel's® blazing 500MHz(1) Pentium III processor, as well as two E Series models that incorporate the latest processors from AMD® and Intel.

In addition, IBM is introducing an optional radial arm from Innovative Office Products for the Aptiva S Series that - when combined with IBM's flat-panel monitor - reduces the amount of space used on a desk's surface and creates the appearance that the monitor is "floating" above the desktop. This flexible radial arm attaches easily to the back of any IBM Aptiva flat-panel monitor and can then be mounted on a wall or a desk, allowing the monitor to be positioned in a variety of ways for easier viewing at different angles, heights and depths.

"Consumers want technology solutions that make their lives easier and have a positive impact on their personal priorities and lifestyles," said Mike Braun, General Manager, IBM Consumer Division. "With innovative designs such as the radial arm and the most advanced technology components from our leading partners, IBM is reducing the time, complexity and even space associated with bringing technology into the home."

"Our research shows that more than 20% of recent buyers paid at least $2,000 for their personal computers," said Bill Ablondi, Principal Analyst, MarketMaps. "IBM is taking a clear shot at this segment by combining powerful technology and innovative designs with their reinvigorated Aptiva S Series line, as well as offering budget-conscious customers home PCs at prices ranging from $599 to $1,799."

The New IBM Aptiva S Series - Swift and Stylish
Priced at $2,299* and $2,699, the new Aptiva S Series 631 and 651 models advance IBM's top-of-the-line home PC offering, already renowned for its leading-edge technology and sleek, black design. In addition, the Aptiva 651 delivers the IBM DeskStar™, the largest consumer desktop hard drive in the industry. At 25.5GB(2), the most storage-hungry consumer's needs will be well-satisfied.

Requiring minimal desktop space, these new models are built to maximize personal work area and the advantages of the Internet. Both systems feature Intel's high-performing 500MHz Pentium III processor, which includes new features designed to give users lifelike 3D images on the Internet and in visual programs such as games, spreadsheets and databases.

With the success of its stylish Aptiva SE7, announced in September of 1998, IBM confirmed that there is still a market opportunity in addressing the needs of consumers who want to get the utmost power and the most sophisticated design in the same package. By working with Innovative Office Products to make its radial arm compatible with IBM flat-panel monitors, IBM further refines the industrial design of its Aptiva systems to give users back even more of their desktop. Additional information about the radial arm is featured on IBM's Owner Privileges™ Web site.

Power + Affordability = New Aptiva E Series Models
Over the past year the IBM Aptiva E Series has established a reputation for delivering a leading combination of features, technology and value to its customers. With the introduction of the Aptiva 520 and 580 models, IBM is extending the breadth of this line by offering consumers the power of both an AMD-K6®/2 450MHz processor with 3DNow!™ Technology at $1,299* and an Intel Pentium III 450MHz processor at $1,799. The Aptiva 580 also features advanced DVD-ROM technology. Both of these models are well-suited to meet the demands of consumers wanting to take advantage of the latest technology offerings at midrange prices.

  Aptiva 520 Aptiva 580 Aptiva 631 Aptiva 651
Estimated Reseller Price* $1,299 $1,799 $2,299 $2,699
Processor AMD-K6/2 450MHz Intel Pentium III 450MHz Intel Pentium III 500MHz Intel Pentium III 500MHz
Memory (3) 64/256 MB SDRAM 96/384 MB SDRAM 96/384 MB SDRAM 128/384 MB SDRAM
Hard Drive 8 GB 10 GB 13 GB 25.5 GB
Drive (4) 32X Max- 14X Min CD-ROM 6X Max- 2.5X Min DVD-ROM with software DVD-video playback 6X Max- 2.5X Min DVD-ROM with software DVD-video playback 6X Max- 2.5X Min DVD-ROM with software DVD-video playback
Ease-of-Use and Customization Features EasyChoice; ViaVoice; Personal Portals with Excite, Lycos and Yahoo; Rapid Access Keyboard EasyChoice; ViaVoice; Personal Portals with Excite, Lycos and Yahoo; Rapid Access Keyboard; ScrollPoint Mouse EasyChoice; ViaVoice; Personal Portals with Excite, Lycos and Yahoo; Rapid Access Keyboard; ScrollPoint Mouse EasyChoice; ViaVoice; Personal Portals with Excite, Lycos and Yahoo; Rapid Access Keyboard; ScrollPoint Mouse

Beyond the Box - IBM Brings the Internet into Focus IBM recently joined forces with Excite, Lycos and Yahoo to provide its customers with their own personal Internet portals. IBM also recently launched EasyChoice ([, a program that helps Aptiva customers use the Internet to personalize their software selections and experience e-commerce in a safe, secure environment. When consumers purchase an Aptiva PC, IBM allows them to choose the ISPs and Web browsers that are right for them, and offers IBM-exclusive products such as the Rapid Access Keyboard and ScrollPoint Mouse that make navigating the Internet quick and easy.

In addition, all new IBM Aptiva PCs are designed to work with the recent advances in Internet connection technologies. This includes IBM's recently announced WebPoint product, which enables consumers who purchase an optional Ethernet network interface card to share Internet access over a network at home or in a small business. These new models are equipped with fast 56K (v.90 compatible) modems(5), and also support other connection and networking options such as the IBM EtherJet PCI Adapter, which provides 10/100 Ethernet. Ethernet enables easy file and printer sharing, head-to-head gaming and the ability to attach to optional ADSL or cable modems for high-speed Internet access. The new Aptiva E and S Series PCs are also designed to work with the emerging Home PNA phone line networking standard through the use of an optional PNA adapter.

Additional IBM Aptiva Internet features include IBM's exclusive "Aptiva on the Net," which enables Aptiva owners to surf the IBM Web site for valuable information without needing an Internet Service Provider(6). All IBM Aptiva PCs are also preloaded with IBM's renowned ViaVoice speech recognition software for enhanced ease of use with programs and applications.

The Customized Computing Experience - IBM Owner Privileges
For added value and personalization of the computing experience, all new Aptiva models feature a one year limited warranty(7) and include a membership(8) in the acclaimed Owner Privileges membership program. The program includes:

  • Information about IBM's Owner Privileges program can be obtained through the Web site located at or by calling 1-888-PRIVILEGES.

The new Aptivas are available now at select retail stores across the country, as well as directly from IBM (1-800-426-7235, ext. 4340)**. For more information about IBM Aptiva PCs, visit the IBM home page on the World Wide Web at or call 1-800-426-7235 ext. 4340.

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IBM, Aptiva, ScrollPoint, Rapid Access, Deskstar, ViaVoice and Owner Privileges are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.
Intel and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation.
AMD-K6 is a registered trademark and 3DNow! is a trademark of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
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* Estimated reseller price without monitor. Actual prices may vary.
** The Aptiva 651 is available only through IBM Consumer Direct.

1 MHz only measures internal clock speed, not application performance; many factors affect application performance.
2 GB equals one billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity; accessible capacity may be less.
3 Installed memory in excess of 128MB will not derive performance enhancements from the included external cache.
4 Variable read rate. Actual playback speed will vary and is often less than the maximum possible.
5 This modem is designed to be capable of receiving data at up to 56Kbps from either a V.90 or a K56 Flex compatible service provider and transmitting data at up to about 28.8 Kbps. Public networks currently limit maximum download speeds to about 53 Kbps. Actual speeds depend upon many factors and are often less than the maximum possible.
6 Available at no charge to registered Aptiva owners during the one year limited Aptiva warranty. Line charges may apply.
7 For terms and conditions or copies of IBM's limited warranty, call 1-800-772-2227 in the U.S. and in Canada call 1-800-426-2255.
8 Membership in Owner Privileges is currently included with the purchase of an IBM Aptiva PC or an i Series ThinkPad mobile system (excluding refurbished machines). Registration is required for membership. IBM reserves the right to modify or withdraw the program at any time.
9 Some fees may apply to Help Center Support. Preferred call handling is only available during the limited warranty period.
10 Internet access required.