IBM Announces Industry-Leading Performance Protection for RS/6000 Systems Running SAP Ready-To-Run R/3

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CeBIT & #039;99, Hannover, Germany - 16 Mar 1999: . . . IBM today announced a two-year, no-charge protection program for customers installing SAP Ready-to-Run R/3 applications on newly purchased RS/6000 high-availability servers.

The program is designed to eliminate the guesswork involved in selecting a server that will run a customer's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) workload. The protection program will ensure that the IBM-sized and recommended RS/6000 system will meet agreed upon ERP workload expectations or IBM will upgrade the customer's processor, memory or both at no charge.

ERP is a class of software applications that enables companies to improve their productivity by linking nearly every aspect of their business operations.

This industry-leading Performance Protection Plan for RS/6000 is part of the RS/6000 Solution Series for ERP, which is based on the popular Ready-to-Run R/3 implementation of R/3. The RS/6000 Solution Series for ERP and SAP Ready-to-Run R/3 is the second in a series of integrated ERP solutions, following a comparable Baan solution announced in November 1998.

"IBM makes it easier than ever for customers to implement an SAP R/3 solution backed by RS/6000's highly available servers," said Cecelia Marrese, manager, ERP segment, RS/6000, IBM Server Group. "The RS/6000 Solution Series for ERP will help customers maximize the availability of their mission critical environment and the Performance Protection Plan will give customers' more complete confidence that their system will run their workload."

The RS/6000 Solution Series for ERP and SAP Ready-to-Run R/3 is available through selected IBM Business Partners. First time ERP customers are guided through a selection process designed to match a system to their needs. After selecting the package that fits their needs, customers can enroll in the Performance Protection Plan and be confident about their selection.

"IBM's RS/6000 Solution Series for ERP addresses the customers' need for simplified installations and further speeds overall implementation time," said Jeff Teeter, President, Solution Technology Inc., an IBM business partner. "IBM's Performance Protection has a coverage period which is four times longer than other hardware vendors' programs with two-year performance protection plan, delivering industry-leading support to our customers."