New IBM Server Adds Four-way Power to Corporate Lineup

Netfinity 5500 Adopts Intel's Newest Pentium(R) III Xeon(TM) Processor

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SOMERS, NY - 17 Mar 1999: .. IBM today announced a new addition to its award-winning line of Netfinity servers. The Netfinity 5500 M20, supporting up to four Intel Pentium III Xeon processors, is designed for the toughest computing chores in corporate departments, large workgroups or remote offices. IBM also announced support for Intel's Profusion (TM) chipset which will be used on eight-way servers due later this year.

Schooled in "smart-design", the 5500 M20 marks Netfinity's value four-way offering to the enterprise. Like it's award-winning relative the 7000 M10, the Netfinity 5500 M20 boasts advanced technologies such as smart monitoring of vital system functions that help predict bottlenecks and allow problems to be remedied before systems go down.

"Investment protection is very important to our customers," said James Gargan, Director, Product Marketing, Netfinity Servers. "With the Netfinity 5500 M20, we are able to grow our customers to a four-way solution with outstanding price/performance"

"The multiprocessing capabilities of the Pentium III Xeon processor provide the server building blocks for a wide range of scalable solutions for high-end applications," said John Miner, vice president and general manager, Intel's Enterprise Server Group. "The IBM Netfinity server product line takes advantage of these capabilities to deliver an affordable, flexible and scalable solution to address today's internet-driven business environment."

Eight-Ways to Feature Profusion

IBM today also announced plans to deliver eight-way Netfinity servers later this year. The new machines will include the industry-standard Profusion chipset. Additionally, these servers will house unique technologies drawn from IBM's powerful mainframes, making them one of the most highly available servers on the Intel platform.

"Our eight-way-servers are being built to deliver industry-leading performance," said Dr. Tom Bradicich, Director of Netfinity Architecture. "However, manageability, reliability, and availability reaching our goal of 'near zero' down time will further distinguish our servers from the rest of the pack."

New Netfinity Servers and Accessories

New models were announced across the entire Netfinty server line featuring the latest generation of Intel Pentium III processors -- now four Netfinity models feature Intel's latest generation of Pentium III and Pentium III Xeon processors. The Advanced System Management Adapter option was also announced, adding significant system manageability features to existing systems.

IBM Netfinity 5500 M20: The new affordable four-way server based on Intel's Pentium III Xeon processors. Features include:

IBM Advanced System Management PCI Adapter Option and Interconnect Cable Kit: Standard on the Netfinity 7000 M10, the adapter is now available as an option supporting the Netfinity 5000 and 5500 product line. In addition to the management features offered by the integrated System Management Processor, the management adapter will also offer:

IBM Advanced System Management Processor Interconnect Cable Kit: By daisy chaining multiple system management processors, customers will be able to manage their servers from a single network/serial connection. This form of "workgroup management" helps reduce the cost of remote management without compromising it's effectiveness.

IBM Netfinity 7000 M10: Now available with 500Mhz Intel Pentium III Xeon processors supporting three levels of L2 Cache (512KB/1MB/2MB). Other features include:

IBM Netfinity 5500: Rich in availability with redundant hot-pluggable components, such as drives, fans, power supplies and PCI adapters. New features include:

Netfinity 5500 Upgrade Kits: Designed with scalable features that keep pace with businesses as they grow, IBM's existing Netfinity 5500 customers can now upgrade from two-way to four-way capability in less than two hours.(fn) Current Netfinity 5500 customers using Pentium II processors can also easily upgrade to Pentium III technology with a simple kit that can be installed in minutes

IBM Netfinity 5000: Supports Lightpath diagnostics, making it one of the easiest servers to service and maintain. Other features include:

IBM Netfinity 3000: A file and print server for departments and small businesses. Key features include:

Packaged with IBM Netfinity Servers
All Netfinity servers come standard with ServerGuide 4.1, Netfinity Manager, and a Lotus Domino Server solution. This latest version of ServerGuide offers one of the fastest deployments of Windows NT in the industry. A subset of ServerGuide is Netfinity Manager, which today offers new Capacity Management features. These features will enable customers to closely monitor their system performance to avoid potential bottlenecks.

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(1) MHz only measures microprocessor internal clock speed, not application performance. Many factors affect application performance.

(2) When referring to hard drive capacities, GB means one billion bytes. Total user-accessible capacity may vary depending on operating environments.

(3) Estimated reseller price to end users, excluding hard drive. Actual reseller prices may vary.

(fn) Based on a qualified service engineer carrying out the upgrade on the customer's site.

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