World’s #1 Selling Point-of-Sale System¹ Helps Protect the Environment

ARMONK, N.Y. - 23 Oct 2007: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced powerful new eco-friendly point-of-sale models that combine new proactive systems monitoring features and a choice of high-performance, yet energy-efficient processors, enabling large retailers to avoid costly unexpected downtime, and reduce system energy consumption by as much as 30 percent².

The new IBM SurePOS 700 series enables retailers to meet their individual needs with the choice of three high-performance, low-power processors that help reduce energy consumption through less power needed to run the system. In line with IBM's Project Big Green IT initiative, the IBM SurePOS 700 system contains some recycled materials, has a built-in power management system, and is designed with new airflow features to run quieter and cooler.

“Retailers looking for ways to differentiate and transform their businesses to more customer-focused enterprises are demanding products that offer maximum performance, manageability, and the ability to adapt to almost any business environment," said Steve Ladwig, general manager, IBM Retail Store Solutions.  "Our flagship SurePOS 700 offering has been designed exclusively to help our retail clients meet and exceed those expectations. It's one more example of IBM listening to clients and delivering solutions that help them move ahead in a high-competitive, ever-changing retail environment."

The IBM SurePOS 700 series is an open system, allowing it to support virtually any environment, including Windows, Linux, IBM 4690 and DOS operating systems. Retailers can also choose three processor options: an Intel Core 2 duo E4300, an Intel Celeron 440 or a VIA C7-D. 

"The innovations in serviceability, manageability and energy efficiency for the SurePOS 700 will help extend IBM's leadership position," said Lance Sedlak, general manager, retail group, Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions (ECS), a business unit of Arrow Electronics. "These systems offer real value to the end customers served by Arrow ECS through our partners."

Light-Path Management
The easy-to-service IBM SurePOS 700 boasts visual indicators that proactively monitor the system’s status through Light-Path Management. The service processor is based on an IBM System x™ server architecture and allows both local and remote diagnostics. The virtually tool-free design and key lock access to the hard drive also helps avoid unnecessary service costs, which enables clients to reduce overall hardware maintenance expense by as much as 20 percent³. 

The retail-hardened system is easy to install and incorporates the technology retailers need to manage operations in grocery, specialty and other environments. IBM’s advanced retail hardening increases the durability of the SurePOS 700, thus helping to reduce downtime and maintenance costs. 

IBM has designed this system specifically for retail environments. Several manufacturing innovations of the advanced retail hardening process include board flex testing, power cycling and pre-shipment integration. IBM’s highly reliable design helps protect the system from damaging factors such as:

Included in the system is enterprise class management through Remote Management Agent (RMA). RMA from IBM is available at no additional charge for the SurePOS 700, and allows retailers to remotely monitor the POS device, as well as track assets and distribute software.

When combined with IBM Director, also available at no additional charge for use on IBM servers, these functions can be monitored at an enterprise level across multiple store locations. IBM Director is an integrated, easy-to-use suite of tools that provide customers with flexible systems management capabilities to help realize maximum system availability and help lower IT costs. With IBM Director, IT administrators can view and track the hardware configuration of remote systems in detail and monitor the usage and performance of critical components, such as processors, disks and memory.

Other Key Valuable Design Features

IBM Green Retail Initiative
IBM’s Retail Green Initiative is focused on educating its retail clients on the environmentally responsible options available to them.  The many areas of this initiative include education on the value of sustainable shipment packaging and the use of recycled materials. IBM uses state-of-the-art design and manufacturing processes to help extend the life of its retail products, thereby helping protect the environment. IBM point-of-sale systems are built to enable retailers to expand and upgrade over a long life cycle.

The IBM SurePOS 700 (models 723, 743 and 783) are expected to be available October 31, 2007, and are competitively priced between $1900 and $3500.

About IBM Retail Store Solutions

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About IBM Project Big Green
In May 2007, IBM unveiled Project Big Green -- a re-direction of $1 billion per year across its businesses to dramatically increase energy efficiency. New IBM products and services will help sharply reduce data center energy consumption and transform clients' technology infrastructure into “green” data centers. IBM also outlined a five-step approach for clients to dramatically improve energy efficiency. The initiative includes a new global “green team” of more than 850 energy efficiency architects from across IBM. As part of Project Big Green, IBM is building an $86 million green data center expansion at its Boulder location -- the largest IBM data center in the world -- and will consolidate nearly 4,000 computer servers in six locations worldwide onto about 30 refrigerator-sized mainframes running the Linux operating system. For more information, please visit

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The new IBM SurePOS 700 models combine new proactive systems monitoring features and a choice of high-performance, yet energy-efficient processors.

As the world's #1 selling point-of-sale system, the IBM SurePOS 700 offers retailers real value through the energy efficient and eco-friendly processor choices.

The new models of the IBM SurePOS 700 offers maximum performance, manageability and the ability to adapt to almost any business environment.

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1 Source: Clarendon Reports, Ltd states “IBM WW EPOS Install Base continues to lead the industry by a wide margin with over 2.2 million units, growing consistently.”

2 The new eco-friendly models of the IBM SurePOS 700 reduces system energy consumption by as much as 30 percent, according to measurements from IBM’s design guidelines that call for energy efficient design, Corporate Instruction ENV119.

3 The IBM SurePOS 700 system’s tool-free design and key lock access enables clients to address hardware issues themselves, reducing overall IBM hardware maintenance expenses by as much as 20 percent, according to the Electronic Price Letter of RFA.