IBM Continues the Evolution of Its z/VSE Mainframe Operating System

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BOEBLINGEN, GERMANY - 19 Oct 2007: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that the z/VSE mainframe operating system is being updated to help address customer needs for scalability, security and integration. z/VSE V4.2 is designed to support growing mainframe applications and drive stronger investment protection.

"Many customers are beginning to put new Linux applications on the same IBM System z9 mainframe that also runs their production z/VSE applications. This integrated approach is designed to offer the best of Linux, the robust data serving capabilities of z/VSE, and the potential for low total cost of ownership of the System z9 mainframe," said Dr. Klaus Goebel, Development Executive Project Manager and z/VSE PDT Leader. "IBM's powerful mainframe virtualization system, z/VM, is fundamental to these integrated environments. It helps customers get the most from their Linux and z/VSE applications, integrate their business, and support business growth."

Previewed at a special international meeting of the GUIDE SHARE EUROPE (GSE) mainframe user group earlier this week, z/VSE enhancements include a range of new features, especially important to modern applications, such as on-line commerce. Capabilities include:

"Many customers have invested in z/VSE and mainframe technology. Some have run their proven, core business applications on this cost-effective platform for decades. The new release of z/VSE shows that IBM continues to invest in z/VSE. The number of attendees and positive reception among GSE members at this conference shows this is a clear win/win for IBM and the z/VSE community," said Dietmar Schrenk, Germany Guide Share Europe WG z/VSE chairman.

General availability of the new z/VSE is planned for 4Q2008. For more information, please click here

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