Hilton Hotels Corporation selects IBM SurfAid Analytics for Web site analysis solution

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SOMERS, NY - 22 Mar 1999: ... IBM and Hilton Hotels Corporation announced today that Hilton has selected IBM SurfAid Analytics, an e-business tool that provides detailed Web site reporting and analysis, to facilitate its "cyber-marketing" efforts.

"Having immediate access to crucial Web-related information and in-depth analyses provided through IBM SurfAid Analytics means we can quickly fine-tune our marketing efforts to anticipate customer usage patterns," said Bob Dirks, senior vice president of marketing for Hilton Hotels. "This results in enhanced experiences for our customers when they use the Hilton site to make reservations or plan vacations."

SurfAid ( http://surfaid.dfw.ibm.com) is a comprehensive Web site analysis solution that combines IBM's advanced data mining techniques and marketing information systems. SurfAid tracks traditional web statistics and then analyzes them to determine how customers are interacting with a site. Using IBM's unique data mining techniques, SurfAid features an intuitive graphical interface that allows customers to easily determine how users are interacting with their site.

SurfAid technology includes site reporting, traffic and content categorization, decision support and advanced data mining in its Web site analysis to help site owners to understand visitor patterns and to make specific choices so they can target customers accordingly.

"SurfAid is an e-business tool to help companies get the most out of their Web sites and make intelligent business decisions," said John Payne, IBM SurfAid solutions executive, IBM Global Services. "For example, it helps a site owner quantify the return on investment for online strategies by measuring the value of particular investments, campaigns and affiliations. In addition, SurfAid can profile a Web site's users into groups to help identify niche behaviors, content affinities and buying patterns. This valuable information can be used as a base to develop future marketing strategies and customer targets."

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