IBM Delivers Networking Hardware Services and Security Solutions for e-business

Most extensive networking hardware product and service offering from a single vendor; new virtual private networking capabilities and more

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Research Triangle Park, NC - 23 Mar 1999: -- IBM today announced extensive networking hardware services and security solutions, providing customers with the network infrastructure and support they need to extend data and applications over the Internet for e-business.

With today's announcement, IBM now offers the most complete single-vendor offering of networking hardware and services in the industry, with unparalleled support for networking hardware solutions through IBM Global Services. Tailored for businesses of all sizes, the new program delivers flexibility for customers through a multi-tiered service program, allowing them to choose the level of support appropriate for their information systems environments.

IBM is also announcing new virtual private network enhancements with increased security capabilities, allowing customers to more safely share critical information across the enterprise to their remote offices, suppliers and business partners. As large customers move to IP-based networks to connect to the Internet and launch e-business initiatives, IBM is also providing secure network access to S/390 servers for Web-based computing.

"To become an e-business, customers must address a variety of issues about doing business on the Internet - reliability, security, efficiency, speed and cost are among them," said Jim Pertzborn, general manager of the IBM Networking Hardware Division. "IBM is the only company that can provide solutions that cover all those needs and concerns, and what we are announcing today is at the very core of that effort."

Expanded Services, Security and VPN Capabilities

IBM Global Services, working with the IBM Networking Hardware Division, will provide a new framework that gives customers the flexibility to choose the level of service that best meets their needs. The program includes a three-tiered approach to warranty and maintenance for selected IBM networking hardware solutions. New policies include:

"In order to build a powerful e-business solution, all components of a customer's IT infrastructure must be working at optimal levels," said Robert Hinckley, vice president, Systems Management and Networking Services, IBM Global Services. "IBM Networking Hardware products are key to many businesses' IT environments. By offering warranty and maintenance services, IBM can help customers ensure they're always 'open for e-business.'"

Through simple software upgrades, IBM has added extensive functionality to the company's leading access products. The 2210 Nways Multiprotocol Router, 2212 Access Utility Router and the 2216 Nways Multiaccess Connector provide access to and from local area networks to the Internet, intranet or corporate extranet, which form the basis for e-business. New enhancements to these products include robust protocol support and expanded VPN functionality to extend bandwidth for e-business applications.

IBM's Network Utility, the 2216 Nways Multiaccess Connector and the 3746 Multiprotocol Controller, which provide seamless access to S/390 applications and the transport of S/390 data over the Internet, now offer increased support for VPN's featuring extensive security enhancements. The IBM Network Utility also includes new capabilities to provide class of service for voice traffic forwarding over frame relay networks.