AT&T to Provide Remote Access Services Using IBM's Global Network

Customers offered nearly 2,000 local dial "points of presence" worldwide

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BASKING RIDGE, NJ - 30 Mar 1999: . . . Even as it moves quickly to complete its acquisition of IBM's global network, AT&T today said it has begun remarketing IBM Corporate Internet and IP Remote Access services under the AT&T brand.

AT&T Global IP Dial Services, powered by IBM's global network, enhances the company's portfolio of Enterprise Class VPN (Virtual Private Network) Services, and provides businesses with a single, integrated solution for domestic and international Internet dial and VPN dial access, expanding AT&T's reach from 40 to 59 countries. To support these new dial services, AT&T has signed an IBM International Remarketer Agreement.

"AT&T is on the move," said Michael Keith, president of AT&T Business Services. "The remarketer agreement enables AT&T to offer the value of IBM's global network within 65 business days of announcing our plans to acquire the network."

"This agreement underscores the seriousness of our commitment to deliver the best mix of services to our customers. IBM's global network gives us the geographic reach, worldwide operations and support, and premiere, end-to-end network management services needed to provide IP services on a scale unsurpassed in the industry," Keith said.

"AT&T's IP networking capabilities and our 600 dial POPs -- combined with the capabilities of IBM's global network and access to their 1,350 dial POPs -- provide very compelling reasons for companies to choose AT&T as their strategic partner for VPNs and remote access," said Kathleen B. Earley, vice president, AT&T Internet Services.

"This agreement means AT&T customers will now have access to IBM's premier managed network services for their global intranet, Internet and VPN service requirements," said Bruce R. Jackson, vice president for network services, IBM Global Services. "We're very pleased with this agreement and we think this will be a tremendous advantage for AT&T customers, just as it is today for IBM customers around the world."

The IBM global network business AT&T is acquiring serves the networking needs of several hundred large global companies, tens of thousands of mid-sized businesses and more than one million individual Internet users in 59 countries. The planned acquisition of IBM's global network is a critical component in AT&T's plans to provide IP and other broadband services worldwide to business customers.

AT&T Global IP Dial Services offers customers the choice of corporate Internet dial access, corporate VPN dial access with various levels of security features, or a dual access service allowing customers to do both from a single connection. Users will be able to connect to the network via a local phone call from 59 countries. Dedicated connections will be available in 40 countries, enabling callers to access corporate networks located in any of those countries.

Additional service features include:

Like new AT&T Global IP Dial customers, existing AT&T VPN Service customers will enjoy the benefits of the expanded dial and dedicated coverage which will be brought to their current service giving them nearly 2,000 POPs of coverage.

Customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) will be available, and detailed usage information will be provided for customers on a secure Web site available only to the customer, with information including most frequently used access numbers, initial modem connection speed and call failure rate. Customers in most of the 59 countries in which the service is available will be able to choose where they receive their bills in whether they are in local or U.S. currency.

About AT&T

AT&T"> is the world's premier provider of voice and data communications, with more than 80 million customers, including businesses, government and consumers. AT&T runs the world's largest, most powerful long-distance network and the largest wireless network in North America. The company is a leading supplier of data and Internet services for businesses and the nation's largest direct Internet service provider to consumers. AT&T also provides local telephone service to a growing number of businesses.

About IBM Global Services

IBM Global Services is the world's largest information technology services provider, with 1998 revenues of approximately $29 billion. Services is the fastest growing part of IBM, with more than 126,000 professionals operating in 160 countries. IBM Global Services integrates all of IBM's capabilities -- services, hardware, software and research -- to help companies of all sizes realize the full value of information technology. For more information visit">

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