New IBM 3D Graphics Accelerator Boosts Workstation Performance at Lower Cost

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Somers, N.Y - 12 Apr 1999: . .IBM today introduced a next-generation 3D graphics accelerator for RS/6000 workstations that provides up to three times the performance capabilities of its predecessor at a lower price.

The GXT2000P graphics accelerator is designed to provide 3D intensive graphics for technical computing customers using the RS/6000 43P Model 140, 150 or 260 workstations. IBM's U.S. list price for the adapter is $2995, a 33 percent price reduction from the GXT550P, the card it supersedes.

"This new graphics card offers high-end performance and function at entry prices," said John Holz, vice president, IBM workstations. "It provides existing and new customers with many of the capabilities of high-end 3D, enabling them to attain new levels of productivity."

The boost in performance and lower cost of the GXT2000P will allow more scientists and engineers to use superior 3D design technologies, thereby giving them greater design flexibility and visualization capabilities to improve the quality of their products and speed product delivery to market.

Smedvig Technologies, an Oxford, England-based company that provides integrated field development and reservoir management products and services for the oil and gas industry is using RS/6000 workstations to help change the way oil and gas fields are visualized by geologists.

"The RS/6000 model 43P-260 together with the GXT2000P graphics accelerator makes a formidable technical workstation," said Martin Parker, manager of information technology, Smedvig Reservoir Division. "The GXT2000P performed admirably with our new JAVA-based Tempest development and reservoir management application, and the second processor on the model 43P-260 allowed me to continue visualizing data without significant loss in performance while the simulator was running. This is an excellent graphics accelerator from IBM!"

Geo Visual Systems, developers of geological modeling and 3D visualization in the oil and gas industry, recently tested their REVIEW product on an IBM 43P-260 equipped with the new GXT2000P. REVIEW is a 3D visualization product aimed at viewing and analyzing data output by industry standard reservoir simulators.

"The GXT2000P provides excellent 3D graphics performance for simulation models including larger simulation models of 100,000 cells or more," said Brennan Williams, technical director, Geo Visual Systems.

In recently completed CDRS-04 benchmark tests on the RS/6000 Model 260 workstation, the GXT2000P achieved a benchmark rating of 188.91, far exceeding the performance of the tested Sun workstations. Based on the CDRS-04 benchmark, no Sun workstation, regardless of price, can match its performance. CDRS-04 is an industry-standard benchmark for measuring 3D graphics performance.

In ProCDRS-01 benchmark tests, the GXT2000P tripled the performance capabilities of the GXT550P on the Model 150 workstation and more than doubled the performance of the GXT550P on the Model 140 workstation. The GXT2000P achieved a rating of 11.13 on the Model 150, making it a leader in UNIX 3D price/performance when coupled with AIX Version 4.3.2. ProCDRS-01 is an industry-standard benchmark for measuring 3D graphics performance.

IBM also announced today an enhanced version of the popular Spaceball, the 3D controller that eases manipulation of graphics images. The new 6094 Model 051 Spaceball is 3D optimized and offers full simultaneous six-degrees-of-freedom control.

The GXT2000P is supported by both AIX 4.2.1 and AIX 4.3.2 and provides enhanced system and graphics performance for users running applications including I-DEAS, CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER, Unigraphics, and in-house MCAD software in the 3D solid, shaded, and/or lit rendering modes.

IBM POWER GXT2000P Graphics Accelerator
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IBM 6094 Model 051 Spaceball
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