IBM RS/6000 Demonstrates High Scalability with Oracle Applications

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Somers, N.Y - 22 Apr 1999: . . . IBM today demonstrated the scalability of its RS/6000 servers and AIX, its UNIX operating system, by supporting 6,020 users of Oracle® Applications Release 11. This preliminary result was obtained using IBM and Oracle benchmark tools that are currently under development.

"The impressive performance on this new benchmark makes very clear the value proposition of Oracle's newest ERP software running on RS/6000," said Lou Bifano, vice president, solutions and strategy, IBM RS/6000.

The companies expect customers to use this new benchmark test to determine which server configuration will run their ERP workload best. ERP is a class of software applications that enables companies to improve productivity by linking nearly every aspect of their business operations.

"This test demonstrates the ability of Oracle Applications to scale to very high levels, meeting the needs of large user communities," said Cliff Godwin, vice president, Applications Technology Group, Oracle. "The IBM and Oracle benchmark is the first step towards the creation of a standard benchmark kit, which is expected later this year."

This benchmark, which was designed to test workload performance scalability for large customers, used an RS/6000 S70 Advanced Server and the RS/6000 SP, with Oracle's flagship Oracle Applications Release 11 software application. The S70 Advanced ran the Oracle8TM database while being directly attached to 28 SP nodes running Oracle Applications servers and modules. The workload consisted of general ledger users running a combination of IBM and Oracle defined user transactions.

IBM and Oracle engineers have a long history of working together to optimize Oracle performance on RS/6000 platforms.

Recently, IBM announced its ERP Solution Series for Oracle, which includes the RS/6000 Performance Protection Plan. This plan helps small and medium business customers take the guess work out of configuring an RS/6000 server with Oracle Applications Release 11 software.

"The development of this benchmark gives us an important new tool to help deliver optimally configured systems to customers purchasing an ERP solution from IBM and Oracle," Bifano said.

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