Women and Technology in the Next Millenium

Recognizing female leadership, IBM urges new generation to seek careers in I/T

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Milan - 22 Apr 1999: . . . At a special reception held yesterday prior to the opening of IBM's EMEA Women's Leadership Conference, Federico Castellanos, Vice-President of Human Resources, IBM EMEA, welcomed members of the press by stating "Women are playing an increasingly important role in the IT industry. By organizing the EMEA Women's Leadership Conference, we recognize the significant contributions women are making to IBM's success and encourage our female community to further their personal and professional development."

The conference, a first of it's kind in Europe, brings together approximately 250 IBM women leaders, representing the diversity of IBM's businesses in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. As Castellanos noted, the conference theme, "Women and Technology in the Next Millennium," is especially pertinent for women in Europe and in emerging Middle East and African markets. As he explained, "This is a wonderful time for women across our region to be seeking careers in Information Technology. The need for women with critical skills that match the needs of this industry has never been greater."

Castellanos then cited IBM's progress in attracting women with the critical skills needed to promote IBM's growth and success. Over one third of all new hires in IBM EMEA last year were women, and the number of women executives has more than tripled in the last two years.

His comments were reiterated by Ted Childs, Vice-President, Worldwide Diversity Programs, who said that IBM's aim is to become the employer of choice for women, and especially for working mothers. "Today, women make up almost 30% of IBM's global work force, reflecting general changes happening in the marketplace." Responding to the increase in women-owned firms, IBM created a global team that is dedicated to addressing women entrepreneurs as a growing market segment.

His comments were reiterated by Ted Childs, Vice-President for Worldwide Diversity Programs, who said that IBM's aim is to become the premier employer in the world for working women, and especially for working mothers.

Today's activities at the conference include a press roundtable with the following female IBM executives:

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