Antelope Announces Licensing Agreement for IBM's Meta Pad Prototype

Nine-ounce, 3 x 5, 10 gig computer targets Industrial, medical and military handheld computing markets.

Denver, CO, USA - 23 May 2002: Antelope Technologies Corp. of Littleton, Colo. today announced it has signed a licensing agreement with IBM for "Meta Pad", a research prototype portable computing device that transforms in seconds into a personal digital assistant (PDA), desktop, laptop, tablet or wearable computer without having to be rebooted.

Antelope has secured a ten-year license agreement to manufacture and market its own version of the device, the Mobile Computer Core (MCC), using Meta Pad, developed by IBM researchers to better understand how humans interact with computers and test new technologies for future handheld computing devices. First production models of Antelope's Mobile Computer Core will be available this September.

"Antelope will be focusing on the industrial, commercial and military applications and with an eye on the consumer market for 2003," says Kenneth Geyer, president of Antelope Technologies. "The cost of the MCC will be far less than the combination of a PDA, laptop and desktop, resulting in a reduction of 30 to 40 percent in the total cost of ownership."

"People today have too many devices, with data spread out all over the place," says Randy Moulic, IBM senior manager of client systems. "This unit is unique from today's handheld devices because all of a user's data and applications remain inside the core, eliminating the need for 'synching' among multiple devices. The concept of true personal computing is brought closer to reality by permitting the user's data and computing environments to be with them at all times and available in many different forms or configurations."

The power supply, display and I/O connectors have been removed - leaving processor, memory, data and applications. Components removed from the MCC become accessories, allowing the device to be transformed into a handheld, desktop, laptop, tablet or wearable computer in seconds, without rebooting or synching. It can run a variety of operating systems that share the same data, including full Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Linux, allowing users to run any application which runs on those operating systems.

"Industry studies show this technology can save about $16,000 per employee per year in time spent transferring information from field computers to desktops," says Geyer. "Or, in terms of productivity, it translates into a savings of about 48 employee days per year."

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Antelope Mobile Computer Core Specifications

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