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New Ways to Offer Solutions Faster, Cheaper, and On More Platforms

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LAS VEGAS - 12 May 1999: . . . IBM e-business offerings available this month will make it easier and more profitable for software providers, resellers, distributors and other business partners to offer IBM solutions.

IBM announcements at the NetWorld + Interop Conference included:

Start Now

The expanded IBM e-Commerce Start Now Program, the first in a series of planned Start Now offerings, helps distributors and resellers sell into the small and medium-sized business marketplace with offerings that reduce the time, effort and startup costs associated with launching commercial Web sites. It includes IBM hardware and software, including sample applications, and now supports AIX and OS/400, in addition to Windows NT. Coupled with services from business partners, the Start Now Program provides a complete solution for small and medium-sized businesses to conduct business over the Web quickly and easily.

"In the small business market, three factors can make or break a sale: cost, availability, and ease of use," said Matt Reaves, director of Solutions Marketing, KeyLink Systems. "Through IBM's Start Now Program, our business partners can get an electronic commerce installation up and running within half the time it once took. By shortening our sales cycle, we can service more customers. Our customers are especially excited about the Start Now solutions because each new offering increases their ability to add on new business."

Other Start Now programs, to be introduced later this year, will target Web self-service and business intelligence. Pricing for the IBM e-Commerce Start Now Program is set by the distributor or reseller.

Integrated Suites for e-Business

IBM has broadened platform support for its family of integrated suites to include the industry's only UNIX offerings. These suites, which will be the cornerstone of future Start Now programs, combine leading technologies from IBM, Lotus and business partners into easy-to-install and easy-to-use packages. Shipping this month are the IBM Suites and IBM Enterprise Suites for AIX and Solaris.

The delivery of new IBM Business Integration Suites for AIX, Solaris and Windows NT brings powerful IBM MQSeries* messaging software to the suites, enabling customers to integrate applications across diverse computing environments. IBM is also making generally available enhanced versions of the IBM Suite and IBM Enterprise Suite for Windows NT, which offer additional Web application-serving capabilities and upgraded suite components.

IBM's cross-platform suites deliver messaging and collaboration, networking, database, web application serving and other enterprise-ready capabilities to e-business applications, enabling customers to integrate disparate systems -- from Web-based applications to legacy business systems.

"IBM's suites for e-business will save resellers and customers precious time now spent installing and integrating various systems and applications," said Joe Clabby, group vice president, Platform and Services, Aberdeen Group. "By streamlining software installation and supporting multiple operating environments, IBM has found a way to broaden the solutions choices for IS buyers."

The IBM suites make it easy for companies to build, deploy and manage e-business applications. IBM's roadmap to help customers become e-businesses is the IBM Application Framework for e-business. The suites -- integrated application servers -- are an integral part of the framework.

The IBM Suite is designed for autonomous departments, branch offices, and medium-sized businesses needing to install, run and manage their e-business applications in fast-changing business environments. The IBM Business Integration Suite adds powerful messaging and application integration capabilities to the suite by incorporating industry leading IBM MQSeries. The IBM Enterprise Suite is targeted toward large companies needing to deliver e-business information services across multiple departments and tightly integrate with other core business systems.

EnlightenDSM**** systems administration technology from Enlighten Software Solutions Inc. provides workgroup administration and management capabilities in IBM's suites for AIX and Solaris. Intel LANDesk Management Suite**** provides desktop and server management capabilities in the IBM Suite, Business Integration Suite and Enterprise Suite for Windows NT. For comprehensive enterprise needs, the suites also allow for smooth integration with Tivoli Systems, Inc., systems management software.

Pricing and Availability

The suites, including the new IBM Business Integration Suite, IBM Suite and Enterprise Suite for AIX and Solaris, and enhanced IBM suites for Windows NT, are generally available this month in 10 languages from IBM and Lotus channel partners.

The IBM Suites for AIX, Solaris and Windows NT can be licensed for $2,499 per suite and $225 per desktop client. The IBM Business Integration Suites for AIX, Solaris and Windows NT can be licensed for $6,499 per suite and $225 per desktop client. The IBM Enterprise Suites for AIX and Solaris can be licensed for $18,249 per suite and $375 per desktop client. The IBM Enterprise Suite for Windows NT is available for $16,249 per suite and $375 per desktop client.

Software licensing agreements have been designed to reflect the actual deployment of software suites. Users can install suite components across multiple servers based on a single suite license, avoiding duplicate license charges in a typical suite installation. Client licensing options allow for a mix of suite and component clients to access any suite server.

Volume discounts are available through the IBM and Lotus Passport Advantage Program and IBM Volume Offering. Discounted upgrade pricing options are available for customers and business partners who already have one or more suite components installed, and for competitive upgrades from Microsoft BackOffice***.

Financing is available from IBM Global Financing for the suites for e-business and for the associated services and hardware.

For More Information

IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM Software offers the widest range of applications, middleware and operating systems for all types of computing platforms, allowing customers to take full advantage of the new era of e-business.

The fastest way to get more information about IBM software is through the IBM Software home page at More information on IBM's e-Commerce Start Now Program is available at For information on IBM cross-platform suites, visit Additional resources for the news media may be found at

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* Indicates trademark or registered trademark of IBM Corp. and its subsidiaries.

** Indicates trademark or registered trademark of Sun Microsystems Inc.

*** Indicates trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

****Indicates trademark or registered trademark of respective companies.

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