IBM IntelliStation Adds New Processors, Claims Rare Benchmark Trifecta

Also debuts 550MHz IBM PC 300PL commercial desktop

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RTP, NC - 18 May 1999: ... IBM* today announced that its IntelliStation* E Pro and M Pro Windows NT**-based workstations have been enhanced with Intel's latest 550MHz (1) Pentium*** III processor, while at the same time becoming the first workstation to post a clean sweep of the industry's three most prominent BAPCo performance benchmarks. IBM also announced that its popular business PC, the PC 300PL has also been enhanced with the Pentium III 550MHz processor, re-charging that system with added power to match its industry-leading manageability and network-readiness.

"IBM seems to have picked up some momentum in its PC business in the first quarter and by refreshing its desktop systems with the 550MHz processor, they are telling customers that the IntelliStation is a very competitive suite of systems and that they intend to remain a technology leader in commercial desktop PCs," said Jay Moore, senior analyst, Aberdeen Group.

With the market for Windows NT-based workstations growing rapidly, IBM has seen demand for the applications-intensive IntelliStation line increase significantly, particularly among customers in the architecture, mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD), finance and digital content creation industries. For all of these customers, graphics technology and applications-performance are critical, and the latest industry benchmark results demonstrate the IBM IntelliStation's performance leadership.

While IBM's IntelliStation workstations have performed extremely well in each of the three BAPCo workstation performance benchmarks, this is the first time that IBM or any other vendor has held first place in all three simultaneously. In SYSmark for Windows NT version 4.0, which measures dual-processor performance, 2D video, memory, and RAID performance, IBM scored 497 and edged second-place Hewlett Packard (2). In SYSmark 98, which measures uni-processor, 2D video, memory, and single hard disk performance, IBM scored 233 and outpaced second-place Compaq and Dell (3). In SYSmark J, which measures Java-based application performance, IBM again took top honors with a score of 865 (4).

The IntelliStations introduced today feature the recently announced IBM FireGL1 (5), and Intense3D Wildcat 4000 graphics, as well as Matrox Millennium G200 and Appian Graphics, which deliver outstanding 2D and 3D performance at high resolution and true color. Both models are equipped with 100MHz ECC SDRAM, with capacities up to 768MB for the E Pro, and 1GB (6) for the M Pro. And they both utilize Intel's 440BX chipset and AGP (accelerated graphics port) 2X. The IntelliStation workstations can be configured with a choice of 7,200 rpm and 10,000 rpm disk drives ranging in capacity from 6.8 to 18.2 GB.

IBM IntelliStations offer the same manageability features that have made the IBM PC 300PL one of the industry's leading standards-based business PCs. Through its Universal Management Agent, IBM is helping its PC customers reduce their total cost of systems ownership. The PC 300PL features IBM's recently announced System Migration Assistant, which allows the user to automatically migrate personality, connectivity and printer settings, and selected data files from one system to another.

In addition, IBM management technologies such as IBM Wake on LAN*, Asset ID* (7), Alert on LAN*, SMART Reaction* and LANClient Control Manager* (LCCM) 2.0, are technologies designed to help customers deploy and keep track of their inventories, monitor system outages and/or tampering, perform automatic data backup before a hardware failure occurs and remotely manage their systems.

The result of these manageability features for IBM PC 300PL customers is a system that allows them to focus more of their attention on their applications and running their business, and less on running their network.

Along with the PC 300PL's new 550MHz processor, IBM announced support for up to 768MB of RAM, up from 384MB. Select models of the new IBM PC 300PL also feature the SR9 AGP 2X graphics adapter with S3 Savage4 and 8 MB of high speed SDRAM memory. The SR9 gives PC customers 128-bit graphics and advanced 3D rendering. Additionally, the SR9 features MPEG2/DVD motion compensation for enhanced full motion video.

To complement the systems announced today, Options by IBM is offering several new options for use with its PC 300 line of desktop PCs and IntelliStation line of NT workstations. The options and estimated reseller prices (8) are:

Estimated reseller prices (8) for the new models announced today (without monitor) are as follows:

IBM IntelliStation E Pro with Pentium III, 550MHz --- $2779
IBM IntelliStation M Pro with Pentium III, 550MHz --- $3199
IBM PC 300PL with Pentium III, 550MHz --- $1769

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* Trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp.
** Trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.
*** Trademark or registered trademark of Intel Corp.
BAPCo and SYSmark are registered trademarks of Business Applications Performance Corporation
(1) MHz measures microprocessor internal clock speed, not application performance; many factors affect performance.
(2) Independent test results as of May 1999. Visit for complete price/performance results. Configuration: IBM IntelliStation Z Pro, dual Pentium III Xeon, 500MHz, 128MB, Matrox Millennium G200; HP Kayak XU 6/500 Xeon DP, Pentium III, 500MHz, 128MB, Dual Seagate Cheetah.
(3) Independent test results as of May 1999. Visit for complete price/performance results. Configuration: IBM IntelliStation E Pro, Pentium III, 500 MHz, 128MB, Matrox Millennium G200; Compaq Deskpro EP, Pentium III, 500MHz, 128MB, Matrox Millennium G200; Dell XPS T500, Pentium III, 500MHz, 128MB, Matrox Millennium G200.
(4) Independent test results as of May 1999. Visit for complete price/performance results. Configuration: IBM IntelliStation E Pro, Pentium III, 500MHz, 128MB, Matrox Millennium G200.
(5) Fire GL1 is a trademark of Diamond Multimedia Systems Inc., and is used under license.
(6) GB equals one billion bytes when referring to disk drive space. Accessible capacity may vary.
(7) Asset ID allows your personal computer to be "scanned" by handheld radio frequency emitting devices supplied by various independent companies.
(8) Estimated reseller prices. Resellers set their own prices, so prices may vary.