Ursus Telecom Builds e-business Platform with IBM RS/6000

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SOMERS, N.Y - 18 Jun 1999: . . . IBM announced today that Ursus Telecom (Nasdaq: UTCC) has selected IBM RS/6000 systems to provide the infrastructure supporting its e-business initiative, "thestream.com," which will go live on the Web this summer.

IBM RS/6000 Web, application, and database servers and software are the core platform for Ursus Telecom's aggressive e-business initiative that will allow subscribers from around the world to enjoy a rich, Internet based multi-dimensional experience. Global telecom users will be able to purchase the full array of Ursus Telecom services on-line and in real time.

"We intend thestream.com to be the leading communications portal on the Internet and a one-stop e-commerce shop for global telecommunications services," stated Jeffrey Chaskin, president of Ursus Telecom."This is a real-time fulfillment environment, where you purchase, provision, use and enjoy, right here and right now. We researched all of the possibilities, and only IBM met our needs for this project. They were right there, right now, with the power, interest and desire to make thestream.com a reality."

"IBM has the scalability and reliability that will allow us to offer our customers leading-edge communications technologies such as our unique browser-enabled Voice-Over-IP (VOIP), and instant online provisioning, billing and customer care for our full plate of telecom services," said Jay Chavez, Director of Web Based Services for Ursus. "With thestream.com sized to process 10 million hits per day, we needed not only a reliable platform, but also the expertise and support of a technology partner whose in-house support and staff were ready and willing to get us online quickly. Because of IBM, we are ahead of schedule and will unveil the site this summer."

"RS/6000 servers running AIX provide an ideal platform for doing business on the Web," said Rod Adkins, general manager, IBM RS/6000. "Reliability, availability and security are absolutely integral for Internet-based businesses like Ursus. From supercomputers to Internet technologies, IBM RS/6000 offers a superior arsenal of scalable hardware and software solutions that eliminate guesswork and enable rapid business growth."