IBM and Rational Announce Strategic Alliance to Help Companies Accelerate the Transition to e-business

Alliance Delivers New Integration Between IBM's e-Business Software and Rational Suite

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SOMERS, NY - 28 Jun 1999: -- IBM and Rational Software Corporation today announced a strategic alliance to jointly develop and market software that will help customers accelerate the development and deployment of e-business applications, reducing the risk, cost, and time of becoming an e-business.

The alliance underscores IBM's and Rational's commitment to provide e-business software that is based on open industry standards such as XML and Java, which enable software teams to seamlessly design, develop, test and deploy enterprise-scale e-business applications. Through joint development, IBM and Rational will provide solutions that support the entire application development process to provide business process modeling, business requirements definition, visual modeling, code generation, configuration management, defect tracking, testing, deployment and systems management with tools optimized for every role on the development team.

IBM and Rational are developing a roadmap to more closely integrate Rational Suite with software from the IBM Application Framework for e-business. The first result of this partnership is a new integration between IBM's VisualAge* integrated development environment and Rational Suite. This new integration is a standards-based XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) bridge between IBM's award-winning VisualAge* for Java and Rational Rose, a key product in Rational Suite. This enables full round-trip engineering between VisualAge for Java and Rational Rose, providing complete generation of Java code from models and models from Java. The integration is delivered as an add-in to VisualAge for Java and will be available for download on June 30, from IBM's VisualAge Developer resource site, VisualAge Developer Domain at to registered users.

"The alliance between IBM and Rational Software provides enterprises with a compelling workbench for team-based development of e-business solutions," said Jonathan Clay, chief technology officer, Nevo Technologies Inc. "Furthermore, by promoting emerging standards such as UML and XMI, IBM and Rational have established themselves as key players in the continual evolution of new paradigms that support the entire life-cycle of e-business application development based on open standards."

"With commerce moving at the blur of Internet speed, enterprises need the competitive advantage that comes from being able to treat their customers as individuals," said John Swainson, IBM's general manager of Application and Integration Middleware. "Today's alliance between IBM and Rational provides the tools that will enable companies to quickly create, change and deploy e-business applications, bringing them closer to their customers while attracting new ones."

An Integrated Solution
Today's announcement leverages the synergy between IBM's and Rational's products by building on integrated offerings that have already been delivered to customers world wide. Today, IBM's SanFrancisco business process components ships Rational Rose models with the SanFrancisco Application Framework. IBM's Insurance Application Architecture features integration with Rational Rose. Rational Suite TestStudio can be used to automate the testing of applications written in IBM's VisualAge for Java. And Rational Suite PerformanceStudio can be used to test applications built on IBM's WebSphere Application Server. This new alliance creates a formal relationship for providing even tighter integration between Rational Suite and the tools and run-time environments in IBM's Application Framework for e-business.

IBM's Application Framework for e-business & Rational Suite
IBM's Application Framework for e-business is a standards based methodology that helps customers, partners, and developers build e-business systems combining proven development and deployment methodologies with market-leading products. With the Framework, companies leverage IBM's expertise to transform core business processes, to build e-business applications, to run solutions in a scaleable and secure environment, and to leverage knowledge and information. The Framework is based on an open, multiplatform and multivendor environment. Standards like Java, Enterprise JavaBeans, CORBA, and XML simplify application development. The Framework empowers developers to write applications on their platform of choice and then deploy them throughout a multiplatform network without rewriting code. The Application Framework for e-business not only provides an open, industry-standard platform for Rational, but also enables them to integrate and exploit IBM's industry leading family of servers including RS/6000, AS/400, S/390 and Netfinity.

Rational Suite brings to the Application Framework for e-business a solution that unifies software teams and provides integrated solutions optimized for the key roles on software teams--analysts, developers and testers. Rational Suite provides requirements management, visual modeling, automated testing, performance testing, change request management and documentation automation.

"Building e-business applications is a sophisticated undertaking that requires the right tools, teams, and processes," said Michael Devlin, Rational's chief executive officer. "Our partnership with IBM accelerates our mutual customers' ability to develop and deploy the software they need to compete effectively in today's e-business marketplace."

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