IBM Announces Performance Protection for ERP Users on AS/400e Servers

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Somers, N.Y - 30 Jun 1999: . . . IBM today announced performance protection for customers implementing new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions on AS/400e servers.

Under IBM's new Performance Protection Plan, customers who install ERP solutions from Intentia, J.D. Edwards, SAP or System Software Associates (SSA) on an AS/400e server can take advantage of a two-year offering that the server will perform at a predetermined level. The plan provides that the ERP solution configured on the AS/400e will support the anticipated business workload during the initial 24 months, or IBM will upgrade the server's memory, DASD, processor, or all three at no charge.

The Performance Protection Plan is available through IBM Business Partners and is part of the IBM Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Series. Customers are guided through a selection process to match an AS/400e server to meet their ERP solution needs. With the help of IBM and an IBM business partner, customers agree on the specific hardware configuration needed to support their ERP solution based on anticipated workload projections for the next two years.

"Its legendary security and ease-of-deployment makes AS/400e a perfect choice for customers who want to install an ERP solution fast," said Karen Smith, director of AS/400 Solutions Marketing for IBM. "Customers can enroll in the Performance Protection Plan and be confident that their anticipated performance requirements will be met."

The IBM Performance Protection Plan for AS/400e is available immediately in North America and in selected countries in Europe.

AS/400e and ERP Solutions
ERP is a suite of software applications that allows a company to improve productivity by linking almost all aspects of its business operations. IBM and its business partners offer a wide range of ERP solutions on AS/400e servers. AS/400e can make it easier for businesses to deploy ERP solutions fast, while reducing initial start-up and ongoing maintenance and management costs. In fact, a recent Meta Group** study shows AS/400e can be more than two and a half times faster to deploy than competing UNIX and Windows NT-based ERP solutions. Small and medium businesses can have the power of a proven ERP solution in an economical, easy-to-deploy package on AS/400e.

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** A copy of the complete Meta Group report, "SAP R/3 on Open Platforms: Real Cost of Ownership and Implementation Time Study, Small & Medium Size Companies," can be found on the web at