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ARMONK, NY - 21 Mar 2007: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced new resources designed to help developers form social networks to work together more collaboratively and accelerate the software development process.

The new developerWorks Exchange provides a venue for developers to share resources, such as code, plugins and ideas with the large software development community. Effective immediately, the new program will enable users to share and browse code submissions related to the Lotus Sametime 7.5 platform by providing new plugins, graphics and other customized additions to extend the value of the application.

For example, developers and customers can download and further enhance a "buddy note" plugin that allows them to store comments and background information about business associates on their buddy list. Developers now have an easy way to share and collaborate on Lotus Sametime plugins with the 5.7 million members of IBM's developer community. All users can submit code to the exchange, download the resources, offer comments and feedback through online forums, and rate the available submissions.

Collaboration has always been a core component for software development. By giving developers the ability to rely on the collective intelligence of their peers, IBM is expanding the social computing capabilities of developers throughout the world. The Lotus Sametime 7.5 Exchange is the first example of the types of collaborative resources that will be available to the developer community through developerWorks Exchange. Additional venues for popular industry technologies, IBM products and curricula will also be available to help developers share ideas and resources.

As part of this initiative, IBM has also launched a 3-D area called "CODESTATION," which resides in the virtual world of Second Life. Through CODESTATION, IBM is allowing developers to explore how 3-D environments can revolutionize the software development process by encouraging developers to collaborate in a visual environment where they can share ideas and information for the betterment of the greater developer community. CODESTATION serves as a virtual forum for developers to share ideas, develop code and interact with one another to design new applications and improve upon existing ones.

For instance, IBM is inviting developers to the Labyrinth Beta within CODESTATION, a maze for users to test their scripting skills and navigate through the Labyrinth as quickly as possible using a demo bot. Once developers have mastered this task, they can design their own bots to challenge other coders, further exercising and deepening their skills.

There is also a repository for Second Life developers to download and upload code to share with others. Known as Code Library, it allows coders to share their knowledge and bot designs with other developers in the vast Second Life community. Software developers, computer science students and other technical professionals who wish to explore the strengths of virtual communities during the software development process are encouraged to participate.

"Code sharing, searchability and an interactive forum for discussing that code with a network of peers can dramatically improve the software development process," said Christopher Balz, an independent software developer. "With developerWorks Exchange, IBM is providing a unique opportunity for developers, businesses and others in the community to share technologies and ideas with one another."

Through developerWorks, IBM continues to build a thriving interactive community of developers around the world. developerWorks offers both online and in-person educational resources to help users build and deploy open standards based applications across heterogeneous systems, creating a foundation for skills and innovation among developers, independent software vendors (ISVs), VCs, faculty and students involved in software development within universities. Over 50 percent of the content on developerWorks is generated by the broad developer community, further demonstrating IBM's strong commitment to open source and exemplifying the powerful collective intelligence of the developerWorks community.

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