IBM Takes Web-to-Host Computing to the Next Level

New SecureWay* Products Provide Fastest and Most Flexible Web-to-Host Solution for e-Business

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Solutions & #039;99; LAS VEGAS, Nev. - 21 Jul 1999: . . IBM, the world leader in host access computing, today announced new products and enhancements to the SecureWay host integration family of products to help companies integrate host data into powerful e-business applications. The announcement was made from IBM's Solutions '99 developers conference.

With up to 80 percent of all business data residing on mainframes and other host systems, growing e-businesses need quick, easy and efficient ways to securely extend data to intranet, extranet and Internet users. The IBM SecureWay host integration solution -- including SecureWay Host On-Demand Version 4*, SecureWay Screen Customizer Version 1* and SecureWay Host Publisher Version 2* -- helps companies quickly and easily bring new life to existing host applications and data with no additional programming.

"Many of our customers have huge amounts of crucial business data sitting on mainframes, and they're extremely eager to extend that data in new ways to employees, customers and business partners around the world," said Mike McCarthy, program director, SecureWay Host Integration, IBM. "The SecureWay host integration solution provides the flexibility to meet the unique needs of users in different environments with minimal effort and expense."

Enhancements to the SecureWay host integration family of products include:
SecureWay Host On-Demand Version 4 -- the latest release of IBM's premiere, Java*-based terminal emulator that provides secure browser access to host applications. Because Host On-Demand downloads from a Web server, it provides host access on each desktop without installing software on the clients. It does not require a middle-tier server, reducing total cost of ownership. Host On-Demand is ideal for corporate intranets and extranets where response time is critical.

Enhancements in Version 4 include: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) client authentication which leverages Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security standards; Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) enablement to centralize administration for large user groups; and TN5250 host print and file transfer and native AS/400* installation to boost productivity for AS/400 users. Host On-Demand V4 also offers enhanced application development with new Active X* controls, allowing developers the choice of programming using Visual Basic* or Java. It also uses XML for macro scripting. Host On-Demand V4 supports a wide variety of platforms, including OS/390*, OS/400*, AIX*, Microsoft Windows NT*, Sun Solaris*, HP-UX* and Linux.*

SecureWay Screen Customizer Version 1 -- new software from IBM that works with Host On-Demand or SecureWay Personal Communications* to automatically convert "green screens" into customizable graphical user interfaces (GUIs) with no additional programming. Available now in beta format, it can combine information from multiple host systems into a single GUI. The default GUI is automatically presented for each host screen at the client, and features automatic menu buttons, defined input fields and hot spots. Using simple drag and drop techniques, the application administrator can customize screens by adding new objects, changing fonts or colors, hiding host fields, reordering work flow, combining data or automatically navigating the user through screens.

SecureWay Host Publisher Version 2 -- which integrates multiple data sources, including host and database applications, into a single Web page on a client's browser, making host access transparent to the user. Available now in beta format, SecureWay Host Publisher V2 is designed for enterprises that need to deliver host information via HTML to standard Web browsers. It is Java-based and supports AIX, OS/390, Windows NT and Sun Solaris operating systems. Support for OS/400 will be added in early 2000.

Enhancements in Version 2 include: support for multiple platforms; the ability to create host integration objects that can be reused within Java development tools; inclusion of a runtime version of IBM WebSphere* Standard Edition; and integration with IBM's connector solutions, such as MQSeries*, which significantly extends the breadth of existing applications that can be supported.

"With the enhancements they're delivering -- such as support for PKI, LDAP enablement and personalization capabilities -- IBM is re-inventing host integration for e-business," said Tim Sloane, managing director, The Aberdeen Group. "These new products and features will help companies easily integrate their backend data with the Web, while providing the enhanced security demanded by IS organizations."

Recently, IDC named IBM the number one vendor for traditional host access, which provides non-browser-based host connectivity -- including TCP/IP and SNA functionality -- to clients. Also, in the browser-based, Web-to-host market, IBM increased its share from 7 percent in 1997 to nearly 20 percent last year. These new products and enhancements further strengthen IBM's position as the only vendor to provide an end-to-end solution for Web-to-host computing.

Host integration is central to IBM's SecureWay Software product family, which integrates a critical trio of networking functions -- directory, connectivity and security. By integrating these core network functions, IBM can help e-businesses reduce the costs and minimize the complexity and risks associated with exploiting Internet technologies. More information about the SecureWay Host Integration Solution is available at

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