IBM and Industry Leaders Declare New Era of Speech Technology

Breakthroughs Made in IBM Labs and Collaboration With Customers Making Speech Technologies Part of Everyday Life

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NEW YORK, NY - 13 Feb 2007: Speech technology has finally arrived as a staple of everyday life and is only going to become more pervasive, IBM (NYSE: IBM) and a group of industry leaders declared today at the annual IBM Speech Technology Innovation Day in New York. At the event, IBM, customers and partners showcased new speech technology breakthroughs and products that demonstrate their widespread adoption.

Ten years after the introduction of IBM's first dictation products a lot has changed. Now, IBM speech software can control your car radio, transform the way you receive healthcare, help children learn to read, make driving safer, help companies gain new business insight and improve customer service through interactions with their clientele, and allow people to communicate in foreign countries.

For years, technology pundits hyped the possibilities of speech recognition technology. But limitations like disruptions from background noise and the inability to decipher dialects served as roadblocks. IBM technology has overcome many of those earlier limitations. Similar to IBM's revolutionary chip innovations for the gaming industry, IBM is now sharing its speech software with clients and partners, providing intellectual property, engineering expertise and design services to improve their products and solutions.

"Many of the speech technology innovations today are based on collaborations across companies and industries, and much of this innovation originates in the labs of IBM," said David Nahamoo, chief technology officer for speech technology, IBM Research. "Through collaborations with our partners, speech technology has become ubiquitous and is transforming the way we work and access information -- by making it available, literally, for the asking."

In a global CEO survey conducted last year by IBM, 76 percent of the CEOs surveyed stated that external collaboration was the key to continued innovation and competitive gain. IBM had already created a collaborative ecosystem of customers and partners that have been working hand in hand with its research and development teams to advance the state of the art in speech recognition technology.

The results of three customer collaborations announced today are: 

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