SAP AG issued Certificate for IBM EDMSuite CommonStore as Archive Solution for R/3(TM)

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VIENNA, Austria - 21 Jul 1999: . . . IBM announces today that CommonStore has passed the Certification process for the new SAP ArchiveLink(TM)/Version 4.5 interface.

Customers using IBM EDMSuite CommonStore - IBM's archive & document management solution for SAP R/3 - take advantage of the functionality of SAP's new ArchiveLink interface.

ArchiveLink is an interface provided by SAP AG to connect Archive systems to R/3. With Release 4.5A, all functions which until now have been executed using the SAP ArchiveLink interface, can be executed using the new SAP ArchiveLink 4.5 HTTP Content Server interface.

To ensure that storing using the Internet or intranet is possible, all providers who have supported the SAP ArchiveLink interface must support the new ArchiveLink HTTP Content Server interface. IBM is one of the first provider supporting this new interface now.

With this certification - issued by SAP AG,Walldorf - ArchiveLink/Ver.4.5 in connection with IBM CommonStore allows R/3 users to

-- work with web browsers only to use IBM's Archive system

-- communicate on basis of the HTTP protocol from the Internet

-- archive any kind of paper documents into one of IBM's external storage devices (from tape to optical)

-- archive R/3-Application-data fast, easy and comprehensive -- necessary in Europe for the changeover process to the currency Euro.

IBM EDMSuite CommonStore is a solution for data and document archiving with SAP R/3®. With CommonStore for SAP R/3 business documents can be archived, managed and distributed throughout the enterprise in electronic form and can be retrieved immediately via SAP or a web browser.

The solution is seamlessly integrated with R/3's financial, logistics and human resources applications and allows SAP users to store and retrieve documents directly via the graphical user interface of R/3 (SAPGUI).

With IBM CommonStore mission critical business documents can be archived, managed and distributed in electronic form throughout the enterprise. Instead of searching in conventional file cabinets, SAP users can access required documents at the click of a button. Business processes can be improved using "digital paper" and electronic workflow management allows for the automation of document distribution and processing.

"IBM is a major supplier of document management products with a worldwide install base and many years of experience. As such IBM cannot ignore the emerging ERP, esp. SAP R/3, segment of this market. Therefore IBM is not only committed to keep CommonStore current with new SAP R/3 releases, but also to enhance CommonStore continuously to establish it as the best-of-breed solution for the SAP R/3 archiving market segment." says Per Bendix Olsen, Segment Manager e-collaboration & e-Document Management Solutions, IBM Europe, Middle East and Africa.

This recertification by SAP AG is a proof again for IBM's CommonStore as world's leading archive&document management solution in the R/3 environment. IBM is providing the knowledge and years of experience for mass data and long-term archive procedures. The ArchiveLink interface of SAP AG is the way to bring this knowledge to SAP customers.

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