IBM'S New AS/400e Dedicated Server for Domino Offers 'Fat' Server Features At Thin Server Prices

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SOMERS, N.Y - 29 Jul 1999: -- IBM today announced the industry's first server designed specifically for Lotus Domino.

The new IBM AS/400e Dedicated Server for Domino is built to deliver maximum value for small business customers looking to run multiple Domino applications simply, affordably, and with greater security and reliability than they can get in a typical PC-server configuration.

With servers ranging from $11,000 to just over $22,000, customers can connect people through e-mail, run Domino applications, collaborate on projects or host a website -- all on a single server.

"The AS/400e Dedicated Server for Domino is another major step in our efforts to deliver new solutions to customers and drive new business for AS/400,'' said Tom Jarosh, general manager, IBM AS/400. ``The Dedicated Server for Domino addresses the growing popularity of Domino. The increasing number of Domino applications has allowed us to deliver a powerful and affordable solution for small businesses.''

In typical PC server-based Domino implementations, customers install multiple Domino servers to handle small business workloads. With the Dedicated Server for Domino, unique partitioning and clustering allow customers to run Domino on one server with greater reliability and better price-performance than they have previously enjoyed.

Partitioning capabilities allow multiple Domino ``servers'' to run inside a single AS/400e, so customers can designate and balance the processing power and server space needed to run e-mail, groupware and web applications, without wasting server resources. Single server Domino clustering features built into the system enhance application availability through automatic fail over. If one software cluster fails, another takes over the workload without disrupting service.

The AS/400e Dedicated Server for Domino uses partitioning and clustering to provide 24x7 online server backup and recovery support, eliminating the need to shut down Domino servers during routine maintenance and service.

The new AS/400e Dedicated Server for Domino can be ordered beginning August 3, 1999, and is scheduled to be generally available September 24, 1999.

IBM Financing Options
Customers can finance their AS/400e Dedicated Server for Domino through IBM Global Financing's Preferred Rate Financing. Annual percentage rates begin at 6.9(a).

IBM Global Financing's flexible offerings make IBM products and services more affordable for customers, with fixed monthly payments that enable them to acquire more technology and conserve capital for other investments. Preferred Rate Financing applies to a wide range of IBM hardware, software, services and maintenance if they are financed with the server; some restrictions and exclusions may apply -- please see your IBM representative for more information. In addition, IBM can finance third-party software and services, offering customers a total financing package for their total solution.

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