IBM Unveils New WebSphere Business Integration Solutions to Meet the Specific Requirements of Eleven Industries

Business Partner Initiative Also Expands

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SOMERS, NY - 20 May 2003: IBM, the integration software leader, today announced new industry and Business Partner support for its portfolio of WebSphere Business Integration software. IBM's software is designed to enable an enterprise to adapt quickly and respond to market demands dynamically with increasing speed by integrating the applications and business processes specific to its industry.

IBM is expanding its WebSphere Business Integration platform with the introduction of 48 industry-tailored solutions, each having a combination of software, services and IBM Business Partner content. The solutions cover eleven industries: automotive, banking, chemical and petroleum, electronics, energy and utilities, financial markets, healthcare, insurance, life sciences and pharmaceutical, retail distribution, and telecommunications.

The solutions will help companies in these industries integrate different areas of their business and those of their customers and partners -- automating the flow of information and the processing of transactions across an entire value chain and transforming their businesses to become more agile and responsive.

"Working with Selectica, GE Medical Systems has deployed WebSphere Business Integration software to configure and price products and services and to exchange data with backoffice systems," said Mitchell Habib, CIO of GE Medical Systems. "The WebSphere software allowed us to automate complex business processes quickly and easily."

Demonstrating its momentum in the business integration space, WebSphere Business Integration grew 18 percent year to year in the last quarter.

In a Gartner May 7, 2003 First Take, "IBM Has Top Share in All Application Integration, Middleware Markets," Gartner indicates that IBM has had the number one ranking in the integration broker category for three straight years worldwide based on new license revenue.

IBM also said it is introducing new WebSphere messaging software that will help businesses to transfer information across the Internet and pervasive devices in real time.

"IBM's commitment, along with our Business Partners, is to help global enterprises more rapidly bring products and services to market, improve customer service, and comply with industry mandates and regulations," said Marie Wieck, vice president of WebSphere Business Integration. "Our customers are finding that the more closely they integrate internal applications and link them with customers, partners, and suppliers, the better chance they have of delivering the right products at the right time and at the right cost."

WebSphere Business Integration industry solutions
The WebSphere Business Integration industry solutions help a company to model and simulate how its industry-unique business processes will flow across its internal operations and those of its partners and customers; integrate those processes across custom and packaged applications; connect the processes with suppliers and customers; monitor the business processes, and manage the performance of the business. These capabilities are essential for companies to realize end-to-end integration and become on demand enterprises.

Some of the WebSphere Business Integration industry solutions are:

"IBM's rich set of WebSphere Business Integration industry offerings are, by far, the most comprehensive in the industry," said Bertrand Bouhour, president and chief operating officer of Systar, an IBM Business Partner. "We are enthusiastic about all the potential synergies we can develop with IBM."

New WebSphere Business Integration Business Partners
IBM also said that 32 IBM Business Partners across eight industries are working with the competency center supporting the WebSphere Business Integration Accelerators initiative. Announced in February, the program helps independent software vendors, solutions providers and systems integrators develop business process software and application connectivity. Some of the partners engaged in the program are: ComplyX Structured Information, Inc., MeritSpring Technologies AG, Micromuse, Inc., Morris Consulting and Training, Inc., Selectica, Inc., and SymphonyRPM, Inc.

Other IBM WebSphere Business Integration Business Partners who are involved in developing their own industry-specific software include Ariba, Inc, Deloitte Consulting, MQSoftware, Inc., Telcordia Technologies, Inc., Trigo Technologies, Inc., Systar, and Zystems by Semcon, AB.

"We have customer implementations across multiple industries where we combine Selectica's solutions with WebSphere Business Integration technology to integrate a variety of applications," said Dr. Sanjay Mittal, CEO of Selectica, an IBM Business Partner. "As one of the first ISVs to join the WebSphere Business Integration Accelerators for Business Partners program and enable our application on IBM WebSphere Business Integration, we were able to integrate quickly and cost effectively."

New WebSphere Business Integration Event Broker and Message Broker Solutions
IBM also is introducing new versions of its WebSphere Business Integration Event Broker and WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker solutions, formerly named IBM WebSphere MQ Event Broker and IBM WebSphere MQ Integrator Broker.

WebSphere Business Integration Brokers deliver real-time, highly personalized information across a network, the Internet, telemetry and pervasive devices. The software helps secure delivery of critical industry-specific information, such as stock quotes or pressure readings from gas pipelines, to the right person at the right time, anywhere in the world.

IBM customers such as the Australian Open have been using IBM Broker technologies. The Australian Open uses the software to track tennis matches on multiple courts simultaneously to provide real-time score information to subscribers and on the Web.

WebSphere Business Integration industry solutions are available today and the software pricing starts at $225,000. WebSphere Business Integration Event Broker and WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker are available today, and pricing starts at $37,000 and $98,000 respectively.

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