IBM Offers Industry's First PC with New Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Support

Additional IBM PCs and Monitors Announcing in 4Q99 Will Support New Graphics Specification

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Intel Developer Forum, Palm Springs, CA - 31 Aug 1999: -- IBM* announced that the latest model of its Aptiva* S Series personal computer is the industry's first PC to contain an integrated port for the new Digital Visual Interface (DVI) graphics specification. An integrated DVI port combined with a simple, common connector delivers improved image quality and stability, crisp characters and accurate color rendering when attached to an analog or digital monitor.

"IBM systems supporting DVI will provide customers with greater graphics bandwidth, improved signal quality, hot-plugging capability and monitor asset management," said Alan Petersburg, worldwide product manager of Visual Products, IBM Personal Systems Group. "Digital flat panel monitor customers have the most to gain. In addition to these benefits, DVI eliminates the need to purchase a separate digital graphics adapter, helping to reduce cost."

Introduced in 1996, the IBM Aptiva S Series family of PCs feature state-of-the-art technology encased in an industry-exclusive sleek, black design. Available directly from IBM (, the systems range in price from $1,9991 to $2,2991 and are equipped with enhanced graphics and multimedia capabilities, HomePNA technology, large hard drives and memory, as well as unique IBM Rapid Access* Keyboards and ScrollPoint* mice for easier Internet access and navigation.

In addition, IBM will incorporate DVI support on several of its PCs and monitors announcing later this year, including:

-- IBM PC 300 commercial systems;

-- IBM IntelliStation* professional workstations;

-- IBM "P Series*" Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors;

-- IBM "T Series*" Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Flat Panel monitors. IBM will also offer a new DVI Graphics Adapter based on the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) for legacy system customers wanting to exploit the performance advantages of a digital flat panel. This adapter comes with a simple, inexpensive connector for both systems and monitors to assure full legacy protection for Visual Graphics Array (VGA) - based monitors. The DVI interface will be offered in other product lines such as IBM ThinkPad and Retail Store Solutions in 2000.

"The breadth of IBM's products announced today that support DVI shows great momentum for the DVI specification," said Steve Spina, strategic initiatives manager for Intel Corporation and secretary of the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG). "IBM's commitment to DVI will accelerate the move to digital and an overall enhanced visual computing experience for users."