Testing Confirms IBM Magstar Tape Drive Top Performer in Commercial IT Environment

McDonald's Corp. is 50,000th served as IBM ships more high-end, high-capacity drives than closest storage competitor

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SAN JOSE, Calif. - 22 Sep 1999: - Competitive testing has established that the Magstar 3590 tape drive is the top performer in the commercial IT environment, with the fastest effective data rate and highest levels of data compression of any tape drive in this market.

Test results showed that both IBM Magstar 3590 B and E models consistently outperformed the leading competitive product and tested up to 73% faster in writing compressed data onto tape. This translates directly into the fastest data backup times for customers.

IBM also announced today that it has reached a storage industry milestone, shipping more Magstar 3590 tape drives than any other competitive product in the high-end, high-capacity tape drive market. IBM celebrates this significant achievement with McDonald's Corp., which received IBM's 50,000th Magstar drive last week at the corporate headquarters' storage enterprise.

"McDonald's is delighted to become IBM's ཮,000th served,'" said Chris Millington, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, McDonald's Corp., Oakbrook, IL. "We've been relying on IBM Magstar tape drives to back up and restore our corporate information for several years now because of their high capacity and reliability. We've continued to expand our investment in Magstar drives and tape libraries because IBM continues to lead the field with superior performance and capacity."

McDonald's currently uses its 23 Magstar drives and two 10-frame Magstar 3494 tape libraries to back up its large distributed environment of NT servers through an MVS enterprise server that uses ADSM storage management software.

"Magstar has become the dominant drive across mainframe and high-end server environments because companies know they can back up and restore data more quickly, and give their users 24x7 availability to data and applications," said Barry Rudolph, business line manager, Removable Media Storage Solutions (RMSS), IBM Storage Systems Division. "Today's test results not only validate what we hear from our customers, they explain why Magstar has become the worldwide de facto standard for high performance and reliability."

IBM Magstar 3590 shipments have averaged 1,000/month since the product was introduced in Sept. 1995. However, due to increased market demand in 1999, IBM is projecting a significant upsweep in volume.

Test Procedures and Results(1)
IBM Magstar 3590 B and E models, and StorageTek 9840 tape drives were tested in identical environments.(2) Ten data types that represent a cross-section of real-world customer data were used in testing. Examples include data from earth resource satellite observations, raw data from a nuclear reactor, telephone billing data, data from atmospheric research, passenger transaction data from an airline and wind tunnel test data from an aeronautic and space research organization.

Test results unequivocally proved that both the current Magstar 3590 B model and the latest E model (released May 14) consistently outperformed the competing product, at an average data rate of 34.3 MB/sec. versus 19.8 MB/sec.

Testing also determined that, when storing data on a cartridge using the same data, Magstar achieved an average of 3:1 data compression, compared to 2.9:1 on the competitive product, which has been touted as significantly higher in public materials. High data compression ratios allow customers to store more data on a single cartridge, thus reducing hardware and management costs, and use of costly IT floorspace.

For a copy of the IBM Magstar 3590 white paper, or more information about RMSS products and the IBM Storage Systems Division (SSD), visit the SSD Web site at http://www.ibm.com/storage

The IBM Storage Systems Division offers customers worldwide the most comprehensive range of industry-leading software and hardware storage products available today. These storage solutions are designed for both IBM and non-IBM systems and are offered through IBM, as well as a large network of IBM Business Partners. A selection of the products, including industry-leading hard disk drives, is available for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The Storage Systems Division is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has worldwide responsibility for information storage development, manufacturing, marketing and field support for data storage products.

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(1) Magstar 3590,`` Progressive Strategies, Inc., New York, Aug. 10, 1999. All testing was conducted by IBM and validated by Progressive Strategies, Inc., a New York-based analyst firm.

(2) To view the complete test report, visit http://www.ibm.com/storage/hardsoft/tape/3590

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