New IBM Firewall Strengthens Protection of Networks, E-mail and Applications

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C - 29 Sep 1999: -- IBM today announced a new release of the IBM SecureWay(a) Firewall that strengthens e-mail protection and security for Internet multimedia applications and saves time in setting up secure network boundaries.

IBM SecureWay Firewall Version 4.1 for Windows NT(b) and AIX(a) offers a combination of advanced e-mail protection features that help block unwanted e-mail, such as unsolicited promotional messages, and help thwart "mail spoofing'' -- trickery that makes a message appear as if it came from an authorized address.

The new firewall also supports the SOCKS V5 standard, securing applications such as Real Audio(b) and RealVideo by authenticating a user with a user ID and password or by other user authentication methods. SOCKS V5 is a generalized, cost-effective method for securing high throughput Internet multimedia applications and "home-grown'' UDP applications.

"For us, scalability and security were important in order to adapt and grow with our business, and we were impressed by the design and capability of the IBM products,'' said Brian Haselgrove, IT manager, Kawasaki Motors UK. "Our regional sales managers now have the ability to access and update the information sources and databases. With the added security of an IBM firewall, employees are now able to communicate freely and safely anywhere in the world using Lotus Notes.''

The new firewall is part of IBM's SecureWay Software family of products, which provide the foundation for customers to extend e-business applications to employees, customers and business partners.

Other new features include:
Symmetric Multi-Processor (SMP) Support: IBM RS/6000 computers running the AIX firewall can take advantage of the price/performance associated with SMP processor configurations, including new RS/6000 Enterprise Server Model S80. SMP describes a computer system that can use more than one computer processor, and do so in such a way that the jobs carried out by pieces of operating systems and applications can be divided up and run across multiple processors using a common memory space.

HTTP Proxy: An enhanced version derived from IBM's WebSphere Web Traffic Express software technology provides efficient handling of browser requests through the IBM Firewall. This includes added support for standard report utilities (i.e. the new firewall will comply with commonly used industry logging schemes), support for persistent Web sessions with HTTP 1.1 (i.e. users only need to enter their ID and password once to secure Web access), and URL blocking.

Network Address Translation: This feature provides support for many-to-one (versus one-to-one) address mappings from the secure-to-unsecure network. Customers can use a single external address to represent many internal machines, reducing the requirement for registered IP addresses, and simplifying the planning process for the secure IP structure of an internal network. Support for the ICMP protocol also helps with firewall setup and testing.

IPSec VPN Enhancements: Implementation of Triple DES encryption -- the strongest level of encryption currently available -- and support for the current version of the IPSec standards for Virtual Private Networks allow customers to use the Internet for secure, private communications instead of expensive leased lines.

Enhanced filter rule processing and interface: New features enhance the ability a customer has to manage the filter rules which process traffic. A graphical user interface allows customers to track rule activity. Customers can prioritize filter rules which minimize processing and improve performance, especially if they have many filter rules.

Usability: An installation wizard is provided for SecureWay Firewall. This allows customers to install and configure the firewall from a simple set of configuration questions once they have determined their security policy.

SecureWay Firewall Version 4.1 will be available worldwide in 10 languages on October 8, 1999. More information on today's announcement and IBM's SecureWay security software solutions is available at

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