Thailand and IBM to Create Nationwide SOA Center of Excellence

Collaboration to Train and Accelerate Skills Development Around Service Oriented Architecture

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BANGKOK, THAILAND - 15 Sep 2006: Thailand's Office of Computer Clustering Promotion (CCP), under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), today announced it will create an SOA Excellence Center with IBM (NYSE: IBM). The SOA Excellence Center will train and develop Thailand's IT resources around service oriented architecture (SOA), a way of reusing a company's existing technology to more closely align with business goals helping to result in greater efficiencies, cost savings and productivity.

Assoc. Prof. Dr.Sakarindr Bhumiratana, President, National Science and Technology Development Agency, said, "National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) plays an important role in supporting research and transfer of technology to help the private sector enhance technology utilization. Nowadays, information technology is the key factor to increase our competitiveness and promote country development to have presence in the global market. To achieve that goal, our country needs to have the depth of knowledge and understanding of how to adopt the technology. On behalf of NSTDA, I am very glad to see IBM, as the global technology leader, realize the importance of creating an SOA Excellence Center with the Office of Computer Clustering Promotion (CCP). This center will help promote SOA adoption and accelerate the technology transfer to the public. I hope Thai developers and researchers will capitalize the Center to create SOA project showcases in our country with the global quality."

The new SOA Excellence Center will be located at the Thailand Science Park. The Center's mission is to develop skilled IT resources in Thailand in two tracks:

Academic Initiative Track -- The establishment of an IBM Academic Initiative to enable the IT workforce to be competent in high value SOA skills and related IBM's industry-leading WebSphere software, using CCP and IBM's curriculum and courseware.

DeveloperWorks Track -- The establishment of an SOA Community of local IT developers to assist the local IT industry to adopt SOA technology and to nurture local industries to develop innovative SOA-based products, applications and services. IBM's software will be used where applicable at the Center.

The areas of collaboration in the Academic Initiative Track are to develop 1,000 high-level trained professionals and another 2,500 IT professionals over the next five years (2006-2010) in SOA capabilities to serve the future demand in high-value SOA skilled resources. The Center will provide incentives to IT professionals to be certified as SOA experts, and also offer students the opportunity to learn IBM's latest technologies that will make them more marketable in the business world -- and differentiate among themselves.

The areas of collaboration in the DeveloperWorks Track are to establish the Center as a regional hub of standards and technologies in SOA and other related areas. The Center will provide both business and technical consultancy to the industry in SOA. The Center acts as a one-stop Center to support the marketing of solutions and products based on SOA and IBM technologies.

Smith Suksmith, Director, Office of Computer Clustering Promotion, said, "The mission of the Office of Computer Clustering Promotion (CCP) is to fortify and strengthen the Thai IT cluster between public sector, private sector and educational institutes. While the technology trend is gearing towards SOA concepts and architecture, the understanding of the model and knowledge is very important to our IT industry to stay competitive. The development landscape totally changes from the traditional method. We need to prepare ourselves to have in-depth understanding of SOA standards, Web services technology and development methodology on SOA concepts such as Portal and Enterprise Services Bus. The co-operation between CCP and IBM, who is the leader in SOA architecture, in establishing the SOA Excellence Center will help drive the adoption and create certified developers on the massive scale. This milestone is one of the key steps in creating the knowledge society of Thailand IT cluster."

Yos Kimsawatde, Country Manager, Public Sector, Education and Finance, IBM Thailand, said, "An SOA plays a strategic role in any company as it enables people and organizations to collaborate and innovate, and identify new business opportunities. IBM, as the industry leader in every aspect of SOA -- in software, industry standards leadership, thought leadership, consulting services and technical experience, is committed to investing in Thailand's economic growth through the SOA Excellence Centre. We are also committed to developing skills for Thailand's IT industry in high value skills around SOA, such as in software engineering processes and software architecture. The establishment of the SOA Excellence Center also seeks to enable greater collaboration and innovation in the Thai IT industry, in addition to developing the IT skills competencies in Thailand."

Smith Suksmith said in addition, "The SOA Excellence Center will be established in the Innovation Cluster 1 Building inside the Thailand Science Park and will consummate by November of this year. The Center activities will consist of project showcases, technology transfer programs, publishing of white papers and creating the communities to introduce the SOA architecture into appropriate projects. CCP expects to have SOA experts to provide consulting services to any interested parties. The main activities of the center will be in virtual model which will provide the services and update through CCP's website.

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