IBM and AMD Selected by Move, Inc. to Power Datacenter

World's Largest Moving Community Consolidates and Virtualizes Datacenter with IBM Systems Powered by the AMD Opteron (TM) Processor

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NEW YORK - 01 Aug 2006: At a press conference in New York City today, IBM announced that Move, Inc., the world's largest moving community, will consolidate its existing infrastructure onto a virtualized IBM BladeCenter system based on the AMD Opteron (TM) processor to help dramatically increase computing performance and datacenter power efficiency.

IT managers at Move, Inc. witnessed skyrocketing energy prices at their Southern California datacenter over the past few years, where leased real estate averages above $30 annually per square foot and electricity costs are high. They also experienced a growing annual spend of over eighty percent of datacenter costs on maintenance fees, electricity consumption, system updates and management personnel. In an effort to streamline operations, Move is relocating its datacenter to Phoenix, Arizona, and consolidating its infrastructure to the IBM BladeCenter platform.

“We needed a more cost-effective location for our datacenter operations, as well as a computing infrastructure that would decrease our datacenter costs, footprint and power consumption, and enable us to scale rapidly as our business continues to grow ,” said Vincent Stephens, vice president of technology operations at Move, Inc. “IBM was the ideal provider for us. Not only do they offer superior technology, but they can also help minimize the impact such a large move could have on our business.”

Move, Inc. operates multiple websites, including (TM),® and (TM) among others.  The company has been a pioneer in moving the highly competitive real estate industry from a print to online environment, and continues to grow the business to serve nearly 11 million consumers each month. [1]  Move’s new IBM BladeCenter environment will power its Web sites and mini-sites twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and should provide a consolidated and flexible environment that can scale with the business and maintain top performance.  Move also utilizes VMware ESX Server with BladeCenter to virtualize its systems into more than 700 Web, e-mail and application servers.

Move, Inc. will leverage IBM Director systems management software to maintain a single view of its datacenter infrastructure.  The company will also use a number of plug-in tools to Director, including: IBM Remote Deployment Manager to automate the initial deployment of the blade systems, saving time and labor costs; IBM Virtual Machine Manager to manage both Move’s physical and virtual machines from a single console; and IBM PowerExecutive (TM) to meter power consumption to allow for better utilization of available power resources.

“In a time when real estate and energy costs are weighing heavily on our clients’ IT decisions, IBM’s BladeCenter powered by the AMD Opteron processor is the one-two punch solution that solves the two most pressing challenges for IT managers today – datacenter management and power efficiency,” said Doug Balog, vice president and business line executive, IBM BladeCenter. “We are taking an aggressive approach to helping our customers deploy and maintain energy-smart datacenters with IBM innovation in blade technology and systems management tools, and helping our customers realize competitive performance advantages with a low total cost of ownership.”

“Virtualized IBM BladeCenter systems powered by the AMD Opteron processor provide customers with a powerful, energy-efficient way to address growing datacenter power demands,” said Kevin Knox, vice president, Worldwide Commercial Business, AMD. “IBM and AMD collaborate to enable solutions that empower customers to meet both competitive and operational challenges, including effectively managing datacenter resources.”

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