Leading ISVs Partner With IBM Netfinity To Provide Total Solutions For The ISP/ASP Market

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ISPCON - 25 Oct 1999: - - Continuing the company's assault of the Internet Service Provider (ISP)/Application Service Provider (ASP) market, IBM (R) announced today that seven leading ISVs (Funk Software, Allaire Corporation, Planet-Intra, Resonate, Sendmail, Paylinx and Esoftware) have completed Netfinity ServerProven (R) testing on the new Netfinity (R) 4000R - - IBM's server that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the ISV market.

"Qualifying these ISV applications as ServerProven is another example of how IBM leads the industry in providing solutions for ISPs," said John Callies vice president of marketing, IBM Netfinity. "IBM can now provide computing solutions to the ISP/ASP market that are thoroughly tested and designed to drive business growth."

IBM's Netfinity ServerProven Program reduces integration risks and enables smoother installations and reliable implementations by allowing software and hardware developers to validate their business solutions on Netfinity servers in real-world environments.

The Netfinity 4000R server enables ISPs and ASPs to offer their customers content-rich services, high volume e-commerce applications, storage-intense Web hosting, and network security. Key features include:

-- Ideal sized 1 3/4"(1U) packaging providing maximum computing power per square foot and optimum scalability
-- Up two Intel 500 MHz (1)processors per unit -- providing the capability for 84 processors per industry standard rack
-- Maximum 2GB memory per unit
-- Supports up to 1.5 Terabytes of storage
-- Supports Windows and Linux environments

This announcement is one of several that IBM plans to announce at this week's ISPCON trade show.

Further details on the IBM Netfinity ServerProven Program can be found at http://www.pc.ibm.com/us/netfinity/serverproven

Support for the IBM Netfinity ServerProven Program Proliferates Among Industry Solution Vendors

"IBM's Netfinity 4000 is an ideal platform for Funk Software's market-leading RADIUS server Steel-Belted Radius. This solution couples Steel-Belted Radius's centralized authentication and accounting capabilities with a platform that satisfies the demands for scalability and reliability of service providers and enterprise network managers. It's a key network component for anyone managing large numbers of remote users."
- - Eugene Chang, Funk Software's vice president of strategic business planning

"Our customers depend on Resonate® software to provide an end-to-end solution to optimize site services up-time and performance by integrating advanced traffic management and systems management capabilities. Being an IBM Netfinity ServerProven solution gives customers added assurance that the critical function that Resonate provides has been tested and validated for the IBM Netfinity servers, including the ultra-thin IBM Netfinity 4000R. Service providers can meet aggressive service level requirements while their customers enjoy high performance internet-based services and applications."
- - Ken Schroeder, President and CEO, Resonate

"Allaire ColdFusion, running on IBM's new Netfinity 4000R servers, provides a winning combination for e-commerce and service provider customers. By simply adding servers as site traffic grows, ColdFusion customers running Windows NT or Linux can achieve unprecedented levels of web processing power into an industry-standard rack.
- - Damon Cooper, Enterprise Lab Manager, Allaire

With the superior performance and reliability of IBM's Netfinity server, e-software, inc. plans to implement Netfinity for use with our e-commerce enabled portal development projects. The notable size of the server proves ideal for the scalability of e-software's e-commerce application and advanced portal technology, while significantly decreasing site operation costs. By incorporating the Netfinity server into e-software's Data Center, we will take full advantage of unparalleled storage capability and increase online business possibilities.
- - Brad Hammon, President and CEO of E-software

"PaylinX is dedicated to providing ISPs and ASPs with a robust, fully scalable enterprise payment processing solution as part of an integrated e-commerce platform. We're pleased to be part of IBM's Netfinity ServerProven Program bringing ISPs and ASPs a reliable, thoroughly tested, and tightly integrated e-commerce solution designed to drive business growth. The bundling of IBM's Netfinity server with a suite of leading e-commerce software solutions is an innovative idea that will move IBM, PaylinX and others to the forefront of the ISP/ASP market."
- - Mark Belles, Vice President, Alliances, PaylinX Corporation

"Sendmail Pro on Unix and Linux and Sendmail for NT have been certified on the IBM Netfinity platform. Netfinity, as a cost effective server and Sendmail as the ubiquitous Internet Mail solution, together provide an ideal combination for the needs of ISPs".
- - Jon Haass, vice president business development, Sendmail, Inc.

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For more information, visit:

http://www.ibm.com/isp (IBM solutions for ISPs)

http://www.ibm.com/netfinity (IBM Netfinity Servers)

http://www.pc.ibm.com/us/serverproven (IBM Netfinity ServerProven Program)

http://www.ibm.com/telmedia (IBM Global Telecommunications and Media Industries)

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(1) MHz only measures microprocessor internal clock speed, not application performance. Many factors affect application performance.