Logitech Clicks On IBM

Computer Mouse Maker's Search for Global ERP Solution Leads to RS/6000 Servers

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FREMONT, Calif. - 29 Oct 1999: -- Logitech, the world's largest manufacturer of computer mice, recently went looking for a computer vendor that could supply a corporate-wide hardware solution and host the applications remotely. With IBM, Sun and HP in contention for the business, Logitech chose the IBM RS/6000 solution with AIX, IBM's UNIX operating system.

The IBM RS/6000 solution fulfilled the needs of Logitech for a highly available and scalable platform that could handle a global network of advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. Seven RS/6000 servers housed at the IBM Global Services facility in Boulder, Colorado, now supply Logitech's worldwide offices with advanced business intelligence and database query tools.

"IBM is a true partner who adds value by offering superior products and services that can be supported within a global environment.'' said Tim Carlson, director of information systems at Logitech. "With the RS/6000 solution in place, our global organization now has a reliable and secure platform that spans the significant distances between our diverse locations.''

Based in the United States in Fremont, Calif., Logitech supplies computer mice to more than 15,000 retail outlets worldwide, as well as to 18 of the top 20 computer manufacturers. The company employs about 2,500 employees worldwide, with regional offices in Switzerland, Taiwan and major cities in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Logitech also maintains manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China.

"Even though Logitech employees are in some cases oceans apart -- IBM's provides them with the secure feeling that their network is operating next door and that's very important in a global business environment,'' said Debra Thompson, vice-president of products and solutions, IBM RS/6000. "Our relationship with Logitech is just another example of how IBM can help businesses turn data into valuable information for a true competitive advantage.''

"We also chose IBM because of their ability to house our new RS/6000 servers at the IBM Global Services facility in Boulder, Colorado,'' Carlson said. When Logitech selected AIX on the RS/6000 platform, Carlson realized that in the short time frame available, it would be too daunting to hire and train UNIX professionals at the level of expertise which IBM already had standing by in Boulder.

Today, Logitech is building a global business with RS/6000 servers as the foundation. From the RS/6000 servers in Boulder to Logitech's worldwide offices, ERP data is carried over secure permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) provided by Equant, a provider of seamless global data network services to multinational businesses. PVCs keep a dedicated path open between locations at all times.

In order to consolidate their independent databases into a unified data warehouse, Logitech chose two RS/6000 S70 8-way servers and HACMP high availability software to power its clustering and ERP functions. One of the S70s is used for the primary database server while the other acts as the data warehouse server, as well as the failover for the database server.

Three RS/6000 H50 4-way application servers are connected to this cluster over a local area network (LAN). Another H50 4-way server is used for application development with an additional H50 serving as a front end application server and as a storage management back-up server. All are accessible via a wide-area network (WAN).

To supply its ERP software solution, Logitech chose Oracle ERP applications using the Oracle Database. The applications include Oracle Financials, Master Scheduling/MRP and Oracle Supply Chain Planning, Engineering and Manufacturing.