IBM to Introduce Industry's First Complete Video Editing Solution with Avid Technology, Simplifying a Way to Do e-business with Web-Based Video

Sub-$10,000 Solution Includes Workstation, Video Software, Web-Hosting Services

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC - 10 Nov 1999: -- Today IBM* announced plans to offer a complete digital video editing and publishing solution with Avid Technology** that simplifies many of the logistical challenges involved with editing and distributing video communications. The solution -- a first in the industry -- includes an IBM IntelliStation* M Pro workstation, Avid Xpress DV** video editing software, and web-based video hosting and distribution services from IBM. Designed for mainstream professionals who want to communicate more effectively with video on the web and other media, the solution sets a new standard for video editing ease-of-use, performance, features, and services for $8,750 (1).

Sales of digital video editing systems in the sub-$10,000 category doubled from 1997 to 1998 alone, according to industry research firm META Group, and the mainstream market for digital video systems is expected to grow at a fast pace to support the more than 400,000 websites around the world that are already video-enabled.

"In the same way that desktop publishing was brought in-house and to the desktop in the mid-eighties, organizations will increasingly adopt digital video to achieve similar benefits of cost savings, creative control, productivity gains, and the ability to accomplish more," said Steve Kleynhans, vice president for Workgroup Computing Strategies at META Group.

Avid Xpress DV on IntelliStation is a turnkey digital video solution designed to give creative professionals within corporations, education and government institutions, the power to communicate with video. The solution will consist of web-based video hosting services from IBM Global Services, IBM's award-winning IntelliStation M Pro workstation, IBM monitor and storage products, and the newly announced Avid Xpress DV digital video content creation software developed by Oscar (4) winner Avid Technology.

The solution will be sold exclusively through IBM resellers and distributors, Avid resellers and distributors, or direct from IBM (1-877-IBM-4PCS). Avid Xpress DV is offered exclusively on IBM IntelliStation. The solution is planned for shipment within the first quarter of 2000.

Once equipped with the solution, an individual will simply shoot footage, plug the DV camera into the IntelliStation workstation, launch the Avid Xpress DV application and begin assembling a video. Using the high-powered and reliable IntelliStation M Pro workstation and the intuitive Avid Xpress DV software, individuals will be able to easily create professional-looking video and multimedia content for a wide variety of uses including sales and marketing videos, training videos and web-based teaching solutions.

Complete Solution Includes Web-Based Video Hosting Services
When the video is completed and ready for distribution, the individual can send it back out to DV tape or compress it into one of three web-based, video-streaming formats (RealNetworks G2, Windows*** Media (formerly Netshow ASF), or QuickTime (5)), upload it to a server maintained by IBM Global Services, and place streaming and download information about the video on a customized web page. People who need to view the video can then stream it, or download it to their own personal computer. This new service eliminates the need for organizational IT departments to devote their own resources to setting up and maintaining video servers. Customers of Avid Xpress DV on IBM IntelliStation can obtain up to 100 megabytes of video storage and distribution service (approximately five hours of compressed video) without charge for three months. The service is fee-based after three months.

IBM Global Services maintains a worldwide infrastructure of servers and secure networksthat enable IBM customers to provide streaming video and other forms of web content, without having to develop, supply or maintain these resources on their own. Some of IBM's customers of web-hosting services include Macy's, the GRAMMY Awards of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, the Grand Slam tennis tournaments (the U.S. Open, French Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon), and the Olympic Games.

Strength of IBM and Avid Working Together
IBM and Avid currently offer solutions for the high-end professional video market. Today's announcement marks the companies' first efforts to deliver an affordable, complete, turnkey solution for professionals such as new media producers, corporate communicators, and web designers who want to incorporate video into their communications.

"The IBM/Avid solution will help deliver the power of video to a much broader audience, and we will continue to bring our customers innovative solutions built upon IBM's e-business focus and dedication to the digital video market," said Jay Ornellas, who heads the Digital Content Creation segment for IBM Personal Systems Group.

"Working with IBM, we've taken the once-complex video post-production process, put it in a box, and simplified the video publishing procedures so now everyone can communicate more powerfully and effectively with video," said Mark Basler, director of marketing at Avid. "With this new turnkey solution, thousands of people will now affordably be able to publish their video story in a way that matters."

Wide Range of Digital Distribution Options
The Avid Xpress DV product will offer a variety of digital distribution options to enable users to easily publish high-quality media to multimedia presentations, DVD, CD-ROM, web sites or stream over the Internet or intranets. Supported multimedia formats will include MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, RealNetworks G2, Windows*** Media (formerly Netshow ASF), AVI and QuickTime 4 (5).

Powered by the Latest Computing Technology
The completely redesigned IBM IntelliStation M Pro features the Intel Pentium (7) III processor running at 600 MHz (6) with the new 133 MHz front side bus. A dual-channel memory bus design improves performance by doubling memory bandwidth, enabling extremely fast memory transfers. The solution is pre-installed with the Matrox (2) Millennium G400 4X AGP graphics card and the Canopus (3) DV Raptor Adapter IEEE 1394 interface. Designed with the Intel 840 chipset, the IntelliStation M Pro can include up to 1 gigabyte of high-performance Rambus ECC memory, 4X AGP capable of 1 gigabyte-per-second transfers, and a high-speed ATA-66 disk drive interface. The Avid/IBM solution includes two Ultra 2 SCSI hard drives: a 9.1 gigabyte drive for the operating system and programs, and an 18.2 gigabyte drive for data.

The Avid Xpress DV system is based on the well recognized Avid editing interface, bringing the power and reliability of Avid video editing to an affordable and easy-to-use solution. The Xpress DV software includes many of the industry-leading productivity and creativity features that distinguish Avid products, including:

· Streamlined edit interface, including precise timecode editing and DV camera control
· Digital distribution options for the Web, CDs, DVDs, and more
· 4 video tracks with Avid nesting for unlimited layering capabilities
· Robust audio features such as real-time mix and monitor of up to eight audio tracks; real-time rubberband gain adjustments; waveform display in timeline; adjustable audio input/output levels
· 8 audio tracks with real-time audio EQ (equalization) with presets to filter noises that are often present in corporate environments
· Digital effects such as dissolves; wipes; color correction; chroma, luma and matte key; 2D picture-in-picture; motion effects; titles; keyframes; more than 50 transitions; support for third-party plug-ins

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