IBM Passes Sun, SGI to Claim #1 Spot in High-Performance Computing

Report on World's 500 Fastest Computers Shows IBM Grew Customer Share by 36 Percent

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SOMERS, N.Y - 11 Nov 1999: . . . IBM is now the leader in high performance computing according to a report issued today that tracks the use of supercomputers by universities, government labs and a wide array of businesses.

According to the TOP500 list of supercomputers, IBM led all vendors with 141 systems -- all RS/6000 SPs -- up 36 percent from one year ago. SGI/Cray fell from the lead position, a spot it has owned for the entire seven year history of the TOP500 list.

TOP500 List Leaders


"The Internet, business intelligence and deep computing have placed a premium on the value of data for all types of research and business," said Rod Adkins, general manager, IBM RS/6000. "Users as diverse as scientists and CFOs are demanding access to computing power that, until recently, was exclusive to science and academia. IBM will continue to deliver the processing power and deep computing technology necessary to help solve the most complex challenges of business, engineering and science."

The latest TOP500 List continues to underscore one important trend: the emerging number of supercomputers used in commercial applications. Nearly half of the systems on the TOP500 - 246 - are used for commercial applications. In the elite top 100, seven of the nine systems used for commercial computing are RS/6000 SPs running AIX, IBM's UNIX operating system.

A prototype of the much anticipated ASCI White supercomputer, an RS/6000 SP being built for the Department of Energy, debuted on TOP500 at number 120. When this computer is completed and delivered to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as planned next year, it will be capable of up to 10 teraflop performance. This translates to10 trillion floating-point operations per second or more than four times faster than the fastest computer on the TOP500 list today.

The "TOP500 Supercomputing Sites" list is compiled and published by supercomputing experts Jack Dongarra from the University of Tennessee and Erich Strohmaier and Hans Meuer of the University of Mannheim (Germany). The entire list can be viewed at

For more information about RS/6000 systems and the AIX operating system, see the RS/6000 home page at

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