IBM Appoints Eight New Fellows to Drive Innovation

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ARMONK, NY - 24 May 2006: IBM today announced that eight employees will be named IBM Fellow -- the company's most prestigious technical honor. The eight honorees -- the most ever named in a single year -- drive innovation in areas as diverse as microprocesor design, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), supercomputing, middleware and industry standard servers.

"Individually, this year's honorees are responsible for many of our amazing technical breakthroughs and successes; together, they represent the breadth of innovation at IBM," said Dr. John E. Kelly III, IBM senior vice president, technology and intellectual property. "Today's challenges to the status quo -- globalization, universal connectivity, advanced technologies, emerging economies -- also contain the seeds of a promising future. This is where IBM thrives and where our commitment to innovation shines."

There have been only 193 IBM Fellows in the past 43 years, including 62 active employees with the newly named Fellows. IBM Fellows are given freedom and flexibility to pursue creative achievements and typically work on special projects or research initiatives that lead the company in exciting new directions.

New IBM Fellows:

Alan Gara -- Research, Yorktown, New York

Dr. Alan Gara is the chief architect of the IBM BlueGene/L, the world's most powerful supercomputer. Dr. Gara's designs are not only lauded for performance, but also for innovative architecture that consumes much less power and floor space than other supercomputers, and uses common components to simplify manufacturing, installation, use and maintenance. A team from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and IBM Research, including Dr. Gara, were awarded the Gordon Bell Prize for leveraging BlueGene/L performance.

Carol A. Jones -- Software Group, Westford, Massachusetts

Carol Jones has made outstanding contributions to IBM in the areas of collaboration and user-experience, driving new technologies into innovative products for the company. She was responsible for delivering the first releases of WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Studio, establishing IBM's entrance into these new market segments. Ms. Jones was the visionary and technical leader for WebSphere Portal driving the initiative across IBM. Her efforts were central to establishing IBM as the industry leader for portals. Ms. Jones continues to seek out emerging industry patterns, and draws together teams of thought leaders to consider how these new techniques or capabilities could enrich IBM's product offerings. Currently, she is the technical leader for IBM Workplace, the company's collaborative portal solution.

Daniel C. Edelstein -- Research, Yorktown, New York

Dr. Daniel C. Edelstein is the chief architect and driving force behind IBM's copper chip wiring technologies. First announced in 1997, these were devised to increase the speed and reliability of modern integrated circuit chips while enabling their further miniaturization. More recently, Dr. Edelstein led IBM's change from glass to a novel low-dielectric insulator between the copper wires, for a further speed increase. These wires, about 1/1000 the size of a human hair, carry signals among the transistors on a silicon chip. A modern microprocessor, itself about the size of a thumbnail, contains over a mile of copper wiring. IBM has implemented this wiring in all its semiconductor products, including those that power its information technology systems. The global semiconductor industry has reoriented to follow the copper wiring architecture and roadmap defined by Dr. Edelstein. He is recognized as the leading expert in this field.

Gennaro A. Cuomo -- Software Group, Raleigh, North Carolina

As one of the founding fathers of WebSphere, the leading web application server, Gennaro "Jerry" Cuomo led the development of mission critical technologies. Mr. Cuomo's technological contributions have given WebSphere industry leadership in performance, scalability and availability. He also has been a breakthrough innovator of solutions in the areas of TCP/IP, real-time collaboration software (including the first pilot of Sametime, IBM's instant messaging software), and high-performance transactional systems. Mr. Cuomo repeatedly demonstrates tremendous expertise in identifying and cultivating new capabilities that matter to clients including the introduction of on demand computing via WebSphere XD. He continues to deliver innovations to WebSphere through establishing methodology for engaging open source and leading IBM in a new endeavor focused on dramatic improvements in middleware appliances.

John Maxwell Cohn -- Systems and Technology Group, Burlington, Vermont

Dr. John Cohn is broadly recognized both inside and outside IBM as IBM's premier technical leader in electronic design automation (EDA) technology. He is a strong driving force behind IBM's continuous innovation in the methodologies used in integrated circuit design. As IBM's chief EDA strategist, Dr. Cohn continues to leverage his deep expertise and proven track record of innovation in the design of world-class microprocessors, system-on-a-chip solutions and a broad array of technology enablement services. His accomplishments have shortened development cycles, improved efficiency, and increased client satisfaction. In addition, Dr. Cohn is a true IBM role model for driving technical vitality across the corporation and passionately reaching out to the future technical leaders across the globe through his education outreach efforts

Kerrie L. Holley -- Global Business Services, San Francisco, California

Kerrie Holley is a leader in web-based services, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), IT consulting, IT architecture, application development, and leveraging IT for business process improvements. He is an evangelist for SOA, training IBM practitioners and educating clients and analysts. His contributions helped IBM's ranking with analysts rise to "market leader" in SOA and Web services. Mr. Holley is lauded by his clients as a visionary, honored by the National Society of Black Engineers as an outstanding role model, and sought by his colleagues and peers within IBM as a collaborator and teammate.

Ray Harishankar -- Global Business Services, Dublin, Ohio

Ray Harishankar has made significant contributions to IBM's leadership position in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), reusable asset-based development approaches leveraging SOA and in the creation of highly reusable IT assets. Mr. Harishankar's exceptional leadership, collaborative and creative approaches, unique combination of business acumen and technology expertise, and client insight enable him to innovate in the context of clients' needs. Mr. Harishankar is deeply engaged in establishing and nurturing IBM's technical community around the world and building seamless teams on behalf of IBM's clients. In addition to playing a critical role in the launch, Mr. Harishankar continues to guide the Global Business Solution Center established recently in Bangalore, India.

Thomas M. Bradicich -- Systems and Technology Group, Raleigh, North Carolina

Throughout his IBM career, Dr. Tom Bradicich has provided extraordinary leadership and contributions to the architecture, technology and business strategies of IBM's personal systems and server product lines. He was the early leader and a prime mover behind the xSeries architectures, and in expanding the concepts of modularity, advanced I/O and management technologies into IBM's symmetric multiprocessor and blade server offering, BladeCenter. Dr. Bradicich has led the founding of many industry standards and intellectual property policies, and is a thought leader in the area of x86 virtualization and server-hosted desktops. His technical vision and innovations have been instrumental in IBM's leadership position in the IT industry.

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