IBM and Oracle Collaborate to Advance Project Monterey

Oracle Plans to Deliver Key Technologies within AIX, Monterey/64

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SOMERS, N.Y., & Redwood Shores, Calif. - 12 Nov 1999: -- IBM and Oracle today announced a comprehensive initiative in support of AIX and Monterey/64*. As part of this initiative, IBM and Oracle will offer Oracle Internet Directory within AIX and Monterey/64 as a directory option to customers. Furthermore, Oracle expects to port its database and application suites, currently available on AIX, to Monterey/64.

This collaboration significantly advances Project Monterey, which is expected to provide customers with a secure and reliable UNIX platform from which to deploy their critical e-business applications.

"By offering Oracle technology and applications with AIX and Monterey/64, customers will have increased choice and flexibility to implement new e-business solutions quickly and easily," said Rajiv Samant, general manager, UNIX, IBM. "The agreement marks an expansion of the business and technology relationship between IBM and Oracle on AIX and Monterey/64. The expected addition of Oracle's database and application suites is a further milestone in making the Project Monterey product line the leading UNIX platform for customers and software providers."

"The integration of Oracle technology into AIX and Monterey/64 moves us toward solving several key challenges our customers face in becoming effective e-businesses," said Michael Rocha, senior vice president of Platform Technologies, Oracle Corporation. "Together, Oracle and IBM are providing a scalable, reliable solution across a broad spectrum of computing architectures that creates lasting stability, quality and reliability for our customers. This agreement helps make AIX and Monterey/64 a preferred Oracle platform for its strategic enterprise UNIX on IBM's POWER and Intel's IA-64 architectures."

"Oracle's support for Monterey/64 is a tremendous step forward in delivering the industry's leading enterprise UNIX platform for Itanium processor-based systems," said Doug Michels, SCO's CEO and president. "We are delighted to see Oracle expand its support to all Project Monterey UNIX systems as it enables ISVs to have direct access to the largest commercial UNIX systems marketplace for their applications."

"Oracle's commitment further boosts Monterey's rapid progress towards becoming the de facto, multi-vendor UNIX for the IA-64 community," said Andrew Butler, research director, UNIX and Mid-range Server Strategies, Gartner Group Europe.

These software offerings are expected to exploit the performance and scalability features of Monterey/64 and are expected to be available for Monterey/64 in the second half of 2000. The Oracle Internet Directory is expected to be available for AIX by the end of 1999. It is anticipated that IBM OEMs for AIX and/or Monterey/64, including Acer, Bull, CETIA, Compaq, IBM, ICL, Samsung and Unisys, will now have the capability to distribute Oracle software on their platforms.

In addition, Oracle and IBM plan to work together to exploit the success of the Project Monterey product line through customer visits, ISV programs and business shows.

Joint Commitment to Industry Standards
In addition to the collaboration on Project Monterey, both IBM and Oracle are demonstrating their commitment to industry standards for UNIX, including secure directory services through the Directory Interoperability Forum (DIF), founded in July by IBM, Oracle, Novell, Data Connection Limited, Lotus Development Corp. and ISOCOR. The DIF was created to speed development and deployment of directory-enabled applications that run across different computing environments. In addition, Oracle is working with IBM on the UNIX Developers Guide-Programming Interfaces (UDG-PI) guidelines for systems using the Intel IA-64 microprocessors. The UDG-PI guidelines will help system manufacturers and software developers reduce development, test and maintenance costs.

Project Monterey Background
Announced in October 1998, Project Monterey is a major UNIX operating system initiative led by IBM, along with SCO and Intel. The objective of the Project Monterey initiative is to establish a volume, enterprise-class UNIX product line that runs across Intel IA-32 and IA-64 processors and IBM's POWER processors in systems that range from departmental to large data center servers. As part of this initiative, a volume UNIX operating system is being developed for Intel's IA-64 processors using technologies from IBM's AIX and NUMA-Q brands and SCO's UnixWare. Many leading hardware and software providers have announced support for the Project Monterey initiative.

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* Monterey/64 is the code name used for the Project Monterey UNIX operating system for the Intel IA-64 platform.