IBM Expands the Reach of Business Intelligence With New Search and Discovery Solution

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ARMONK, NY - 17 May 2006: IBM today unveiled an industry-first solution that combines enterprise search and unstructured information discovery software with advanced reporting and analytics to help clients more quickly find, access and gain insight from business information.

IBM WebSphere Content Discovery for Business Intelligence enables users to quickly find and take advantage of structured and unstructured information stored across their enterprise. The solution overcomes the limitations of standard business intelligence offerings that typically can analyze and report only on structured data and enterprise search solutions that do not provide direct access to business intelligence data.

Armed with insightful context and relevance capabilities, the new IBM solution delivers deep analysis of free form text fields, documents, audio, video, and other unstructured content, while at the same time providing a complete view of all related business information needed to make rapid business decisions.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee is using WebSphere Content Discovery for Business Intelligence to deliver a more complete view of the health care providers with whom they do business.

"IBM's solution has enabled us to implement a pilot project that demonstrates how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee can bring all information about a provider into a single view," says Frank Brooks, senior manager of data resource management, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Tennessee. "This includes structured relational data from our enterprise data warehouse, internal and external web content, as well as unstructured data from other content sources such as free-form call center notes. By pulling this information into a single view, we will be able to save time, make quicker decisions, and deliver more information about our provider relationships."

Clients in other industries can reap similar benefits from WebSphere Content Discovery for Business Intelligence. For example, a manufacturer can use the solution to dig deeper into product sales, quality issues, return rates and buying patterns to help maximize profits. While conventional BI applications may display quantity, sales and return rate for a product, WebSphere Content Discovery for Business Intelligence can extract data from call center and warranty claims notes to help uncover reasons why return rates are high -- information not easily accessible through other search and business intelligence solutions.

In addition to providing enterprise search across all applications and repositories, the IBM solution delivers highly relevant information from existing business intelligence systems, including reports, scorecards, dashboards and more. Users can also intelligently search directly against underlying data and easily navigate the data through a simplified interface to find information they are seeking without creating reports.

These capabilities, in combination, represent a new era in the convergence of enterprise search and business intelligence, allowing an expanded group of users such as marketers, engineers, technicians, analysts, sales and customer service agents to extract additional knowledge and use it for business insight and problem solving.

Extending the Reach of Enterprise Search

WebSphere Content Discovery for Business Intelligence builds upon the open source Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA), a framework for connecting different text analytics modules, which helps identify and extract specific business information from unstructured data, such as comments, description and notes fields that are typically found in most applications for users to enter more details about a claim, a problem or a transaction. This knowledge can enable new types of reports and analysis, or be made available as a service to rules processing engines or other business applications to deliver information on demand. Users can also seamlessly access supporting documents, such as contracts, spreadsheets, project plans, scanned images, audio, video, e-mail and other correspondence, directly from within their business intelligence applications to provide valuable context for business decisions.

The new software helps ensure that BI reports, scorecards, dashboards and other relevant analysis can be displayed with other enterprise content as part of user search results. WebSphere Content Discovery for Business Intelligence provides advanced analysis of BI data, extracting specific information, analyzing the context of the request and refining user intent to deliver more highly relevant search results from all enterprise systems.

IBM has worked with Cognos to integrate the new solution with Cognos 8 Business Intelligence and Cognos Go!. "Cognos and IBM are once again at the forefront of combining powerful search capabilities with business intelligence," said Neal Hill, senior vice president corporate development, Cognos. "WebSphere Content Discovery for Business Intelligence enables customers to extend the value of business intelligence across their organization and provide a new level of business insight."

Users can also search and interact directly with the underlying business intelligence data to take advantage of knowledge extracted from applications without the up front requirement of report development or involvement from additional IT resources. Access to information is simplified with the ability to interpret user intent and context to deliver the most relevant information, and enable users to browse through data. Ambiguity in user queries is resolved while dynamic navigation enables users to drill down to relevant business topics, and helps users select the attributes and information they want displayed.

The solution can be combined with existing business intelligence applications or IBM DB2 AlphaBlox to automatically generate calculations, charts and graphs for enhanced presentation of data without the need for special user training.


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