Sales of IBM Enterprise Storage Server Reach Global Proportions

A Range of Industries from Around the World Now Benefiting from "Shark" Disk Storage Performance

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San Jose, CA - 16 Nov 1999: . . . IBM today announced widespread customer acceptance of its Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) -- code-named "Shark" -- which has been purchased by 30 of the Global 100 companies in its first 30 days of availability, a figure that is increasing weekly. With robust sales of the Enterprise Storage Server, the industry's most advanced disk storage system, IBM is vowing to regain its lead in the enterprise disk storage system market.

"We've seen tremendous interest in the Enterprise Storage Server from companies around the world in all industries," said Ron Kilpatrick, general manager of IBM's Storage Systems Division. "The performance of the Enterprise Storage Server in real-world customer environments has surpassed our expectations. Customers around the world are telling us their 'Shark' is blowing away the competition in their production environments, whatever the server platform. The Enterprise Storage Server is not only scoring high marks with existing IBM customers, we're winning over new customers who recognize that current competitive offerings cannot compete with the features and performance of an intelligent storage server like 'Shark.'"

Companies around the world -- many new customers of IBM -- are reaping the benefits of the ESS as they develop data management systems to meet their diverse business needs. These customers are recognizing the need for cost-effective enterprise storage that will grow as their requirements for capacity, performance and connectivity change over time. The unsurpassed performance and scalability of the ESS, based on IBM's Seascape architecture, is providing unprecedented investment protection for a variety of customers:

Availability and Reliability are the prescription at McKessonHBOC

McKesson HBOC Inc. (McKessonHBOC), a Fortune 60 corporation, is the world's largest pharmaceutical supply, pharmaceutical supply management and healthcare information technology company. It provides pharmaceutical supply management and information technologies across the entire continuum of healthcare, including market-leading businesses in pharmaceutical and medical-surgical distribution, information technology for healthcare providers, services for payors and outsourcing.

McKessonHBOC's Information Technology business solutions include enterprise wide patient care, clinical, financial and strategic management software solutions, as well as networking technologies, electronic commerce, outsourcing and other services to healthcare organizations throughout the world.

ESS will offer McKessonHBOC customers the ease of managing data in a centralized fashion. A centralized disk approach is the perfect solution for customers wishing to consolidate their distributed systems. It gives them more effective IT resource utilization and reduces their operating costs by allowing them to centrally manage and monitor many different operating systems, databases and servers in one location.

With these business critical applications, one of the greatest challenges that McKessonHBOC customers face today is system/data availability and reliability. For patient care, data has to be accurate. From both the patient and the caregiver perspectives, access to data is as critical as the integrity of the data itself.

McKessonHBOC's system was installed in August 1999 at its Information Technology business applications testing lab in Atlanta, GA. More than 40 applications are being certified with the ESS for major UNIX platforms such as RS/6000, HP9000, Data General and DEC. In addition, the IBM AS/400, IBM Netfinity and other NT platforms will also be certified. McKessonHBOC plans to do testing of ESS integration in their mainframe environment as well.

"From an architecture point of view, the very first thing that intrigued me about ESS was that it has no single point of failure. That sends a strong message about high-availability," explained Tom Digsby, Enterprise Technology Solutions director for McKessonHBOC. "Features such as FlashCopy, PPRC (Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy), for disaster recovery and DPO (Data Path Optimizer), were also key reasons why we chose ESS."

Performance and Storage Consolidation
Denmark's banks depend on 'Shark'

Pengeinstitutternes Betalings Systemer, PBS, (Danish Payment Systems, Ltd.) manages a modern electronic payment processing and information transfer service for Denmark's banks. The company develops, sells and operates solutions in the areas of payment and payroll systems. PBS is also responsible for the financial infrastructure in Denmark, which includes banking data networks.

PBS required a high-performance, high-availability disk solution for S/390, AIX and Windows NT applications. Additionally, it needed a system of storage consolidation that would result in fewer S/390 disk subsystems as well as common subsystems for S/390, AIX and Windows NT. Moving forward, PBS plans to implement IBM's PPRC disk mirroring function for the secure and fast transfer of data.

"As part of IBM's Early Support Program, we've experienced excellent performance and availability from ESS," said Tom Lund, executive vice president for PBS. "During our testing period, we found that ESS was easy to use for both S/390 and open storage. We are now looking forward to taking advantage of IBM's remote mirroring solution."

Scalability Key for AFP Habitat in Chile

Since 1981, AFP Habitat has provided pension fund management solutions in Chile and other countries in Latin America. Today, the company harnesses the power of the Internet to provide support to 1.5 million beneficiaries.

AFP Habitat's challenge was to replace its aging 3390 disk storage system with new technology that would also connect to its HP-UX and NT platforms. The company began with a 420 GB ESS running OS/390, HP-UX and NT and has been able to run a variety of storage solutions with better performance, a smaller footprint and a lower cost of ownership.

Parallel Access Volumes Pave the Way for SKC & C

SKC & C is an IT service provider offering technology solutions to the South Korean marketplace. Its services range from data center operations and desktop management to planning, education and system integration. SKC & C is the largest-scale technical outsourcing concern in South Korea.

The key requirement for SKC & C was the performance of the Parallel Access Volumes feature, which enable multiple I/Os from any operating system to access the same volume at the same time. PAVs are an IBM-unique feature which help deliver the blistering performance of the ESS.

Ensuring Success at Meiji Life Insurance

Another new convert to the Enterprise Storage Server is Meiji Life Insurance, the fourth largest insurance company in Japan. It offers individual and group life insurance, annuities, pensions and investment products. Meiji Life operates in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and the US.

Meiji needed the performance and high-availability of the ESS for its mission-critical functions. The company purchased multiple "Sharks" with a total capacity 2.4 terabytes.

Crystal Disk Award
In other news, IBM's Enterprise Storage Server continues to garner accolades and awards from around the world. At the recent Invex 99 trade fair held in the Czech Republic, the ESS won the Crystal Disk Award for excellence in marketing and customer support, in stiff competition against EMC, Comparex, and other disk manufacturers.

Invex 99, the International Trade Fair of Information Technologies, is one of the largest trade fairs held every year across continental Europe, and is considered a prestigious showcase for innovative IT products and services.

Product innovation, design, services and user support, economical solution, business/technical parameters, and user friendliness were the primary criteria for rating products. A key member of the panel of judges remarked that the high availability, reliability and no single point of failure were the most impressive features of IBM's ESS.

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