IBM Announces One-Stop Broadband Solution with Expanded ADSL Service from SBC Communications and New ADSL-Ready Aptiva PCs

Internet Solutions Cater to the Unique E-business Needs of Home-based Computer Users

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November 17 - 17 Nov 1999: ... Research Triangle Park, NC ... IBM® and SBC Communications, Inc., today announced the first one-stop broadband DSL solution, offering simple and convenient high speed Internet access to about 10 million customers in SBC's service territory. The expanded relationship between the two companies will make it possible for millions of customers in SBC's service area, which covers approximately one-third of the access lines in the U.S., to purchase ADSL-enabled IBM Aptiva PCs and DSL service with just one phone call. As compared to traditional dial-up modems, this end-to-end solution offers users "always on" service, Internet/intranet access speeds of up to 50 times faster than 28.8 Kbps analog modems with standard DSL service and up to 200 times faster with premium service**, simultaneous voice and data communication using a single telephone line and enhanced multimedia performance.

The one-stop DSL broadband solution can be optimized with IBM's new DSL-ready Aptiva S Series 870, a powerful PC system built for speed and performance. Home-based computer users can also increase their productivity by leveraging IBM Owner Privileges partnerships with Stamps.comTM, and These partners bring IBM Owner Privileges members convenient and efficient desktop access to Internet PostageTM, voice communication and printing.

"With the rapid evolution of the Internet, the lines between work and home computing are blurring as everyone seems to be working from home, either by bringing office work home, running a business from home or managing their day-to-day personal business, career and education advancement from home," said John Yengo, vice president of marketing, Individual Segment, IBM Personal Systems Group. "IBM is offering the connected solutions that meet the 24x7 demands of work and home computing lifestyles, delivering the potential to get the same level of performance and service at home that you get in the workplace."

"Customers today are demanding super-fast, high capacity Internet access, for always-on convenience and for powering next-generation services, such as home networks, personal videoconferencing and cordless web devices. SBC's DSL service is changing the way people work, play and live," said James D. Gallemore, executive vice-president, strategic marketing and planning, SBC. "Through powerful distribution channels, SBC continues to provide choices that make it easier for our customers to enjoy the benefits of SBC's DSL service. Our alliance with IBM will provide many customers with added convenience when purchasing DSL, providing one-stop DSL shopping to consumers who have minimal time to shop for a PC and DSL service but want a complete and simple DSL solution."

"IBM's efforts focus on a demanding and vital group of customers, those working or learning at home," said Raymond Boggs, vice president of Small Business, Home Office and Education Research at International Data Corporation, a market research firm in Framingham, MA. "These customers are looking to sit at the grown-ups table in terms of capabilities and support. With a comprehensive broadband solution, IBM will improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of home productivity customers."

Broadband and Home Networking Technology -- The Way of the Future
Widening the electronic information pipeline and offering the ability for households with more than one PC to connect and share ISP accounts and files is critical in today's Internet-focused world. IBM is delivering a one-stop DSL broadband solution which provides high-speed Internet access via an optional Texas Instruments DSP-based ADSL modem and a service partnership with SBC. Users will enjoy simultaneous voice and data communication using a single telephone line, which provides "always on" service as compared to dial-up modems, enhanced multimedia performance, such as real-time video viewing, and fast, easy connections to the Internet and corporate intranets with download speeds of up to 50 times faster than 28.8 analog modems** with standard DSL service. A premium DSL package is also available with speeds of up to 200 times faster than a 28.8 Kbps analog modem**.

Beginning in December 1999, individuals may take advantage of IBM's program with SBC, which provides one-stop access to DSL-enabled Aptiva PCs and DSL service from SBC Communications by simply calling 1-888-ShopIBM ext. 7005; additionally, IBM plans to allow individuals full access to the offering via the ShopIBM Web site,, in the first quarter of 2000. The program is planned to roll-out initially in Arkansas, California, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas, and cover the remaining SBC service territories which include Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin in the early part of 2000. As SBC continues its aggressive broadband deployment through its recently announced "Project Pronto" initiative, the one-stop DSL solution may potentially reach as many as 77 million Americans.

Additionally, since more than 21 million U.S. households own more than one computer, the convenience associated with connecting those systems is a significant benefit to the home PC user. The IntelTM Anypoint Home Network card, an option on the Aptiva 870, allows multiple home computers to share files, printers and Web connections -- all at the same time.

New Aptiva PC Built for Optimum Internet Speed and Performance
Offering superior broadband, home networking and multiple storage options, as well as the AMD® Athlon* 700 MHz processor1 and superior 3D graphics, the new Aptiva S Series 870 allows greater home office productivity and investment protection. When combined with an optional Texas Instruments DSP-based DSL high speed modem and home networking capability, users can link multiple PCs within the home or small office to the Internet on a single telephone line while enjoying the luxury and convenience of simultaneous voice and data communication.

Through IBM direct, customers can customize any current Aptiva model with an DSL modem, ranging in price from $998 to $2,498*. ShopIBM also offers additional DSL-ready Aptiva-based home office solutions with two productivity packages via or by calling 888-ShopIBM: Office Essentials, is a complete productivity tool for setting up a home-office and is based on a high-performance 475 MHz system; the Ultimate Office is a technology solution for serious home office performance powered by a 600 MHz Athlon processor.

Home-based Business Users Benefit from New Owner Privileges Offerings
IBM has updated its Owner Privileges2 membership program to make running a business or working from home more efficient and productive. Through partnerships with Stamps.comTM, and, IBM is delivering Internet Postage, voice communication and printing services to its Owner Privileges members.

Customers continue to benefit from IBM's award-winning services, which include Web-based support, and help centers which are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week with toll-free hardware support through Owner Privileges (response times may vary).

Flexible Purchase Options and Availability
Available now in the U.S., individuals can purchase the Aptiva S Series 870 for as low as $66.88 per month or $2,399*, through financing provided by MBNA3. This offer is available direct through ShopIBM, Other models in the Aptiva S and E Series family range in price from $899 to $2,399*. Additional bundled home office solutions are available now directly through ShopIBM, with prices starting at $1,169 up to $2,529. Beginning January 1, 2000, the entire Aptiva product line will be available in the U.S. through ShopIBM, or by calling 888-ShopIBM.

Promotional Rebates
From November 7, 1999 through January 29, 2000, individuals can receive a $100 mail-in rebate on select IBM Aptiva models when they purchase any IBM monitor. Eligible Aptiva models are listed online at Customers can also receive up to a $70 mail-in rebate on select Lexmark printers if purchased with an Aptiva4. These offers apply to purchases made through IBM direct and retail. Customers can also receive a $100 bonus credited to their E*TRADE TM account with the purchase of any IBM product and new E*TRADE sign-up5.

From November 1, 1999 through January 29, 2000, individuals purchasing any IBM Aptiva via ShopIBM, will receive 50 hours per month of Compuserve 2000 Internet service for one year6.