IBM Expands Business Intelligence Initiative with NUMA-Q Teraplex Center for Data Warehousing

NUMA-Q brings 50 customers to IBM Terabyte Club

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Somers, NY - 29 Nov 1999: IBM today announced that it will expand its business intelligence (BI) initiative behind the newly acquired NUMA-Q® server brand with the development of a $13 million NUMA-Q Teraplex Integration Center, a comprehensive proof-of-concept center for BI solutions. The NUMA-Q server brand will have grown its BI-related revenue by 40% in 1999.

The NUMA-Q Teraplex Integration Center will open in the first quarter of Year 2000 to enable customers and business partners to plan, develop and proof BI solutions based on NUMA-Q servers. Teraplex consultants and engineers will provide customers with proven methodologies and intellectual capital to reduce risk and speed deployment of complex solutions that bring intelligence to e-business, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems.

"Massively scalable BI solutions have become critical to many of our customers as they deploy next generation enterprise e-business and CRM systems," said Ben Barnes, general manager of IBM Global Business Intelligence Solutions. "The NUMA-Q platform brings a new level of performance, scalability and manageability that strengthens our industry leading BI initiative. The more than fifty NUMA-Q data warehouses with greater than a terabyte of attached storage are a testament to the platform's strong position in high-end of the BI market."

IBM's Terabyte Club, consisting of IBM customers with more than one trillion bytes of data stored in a data warehouse, is the latest in a series of efforts by IBM to support the massive movement of customers and industries into the next phase of information-driven e-business. With the addition of NUMA-Q's 50 terabyte customers, the Terabyte Club now has 170 members.

The NUMA-Q Teraplex facility will include a dedicated 10 TB system resource for testing multi-terabyte solutions able to leverage NUMA-Q's massively scalable processing power and industry leading I/O bandwidth. The NUMA-Q Teraplex will focus on IBM DB2 and Oracle databases. NUMA-Q is a leading platform for large scale Oracle database solutions. The DB2 Universal Database port for NUMA-Q is currently in Beta testing with select customers and will be generally available in the first quarter of 2000.

The NUMA-Q Teraplex will also feature NUMACenter™ systems, running Windows NT and Unix on a single managed server platform-a key benefit for Business Intelligence (BI) systems that support operational CRM and e-business solutions with Windows NT-based applications requiring very large database support.

NUMA-Q for Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a core competency and primary area of focus for the NUMA-Q server brand with over 200 installations, including some of the largest Business Intelligence sites in the world. NUMA-Q, through next generation technologies, provides the combination of scalable processing power and I/O bandwidth that is critical for successful multi-terabyte data warehouses. NUMA-Q is scalable to 64 Intel Pentium III Xeon processors in a single system and provides industry-leading I/O throughput.

NUMA-Q supports over 100 Terabytes of attached storage in a multi-pathed, Fiber Channel Storage Area Network (SAN).

IBM services include best practices and proven methodologies for optimization and integration of business intelligence and front office systems for complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Front office suites require a scalable analytic infrastructure to succeed as part of the overall enterprise strategy.

Business intelligence involves the gathering, management and analysis of data for the purpose of turning that data into useful information, which is then distributed throughout an enterprise. Companies can then make more strategic decisions about which markets to enter, how to select and manage key customer relationships, and how to select and effectively promote products, all in an effort to increase profitability and market share. These practices can also reduce operating costs through more effective financial analysis, risk management, fraud management, distribution and logistics management, and sales analysis.

IBM's BI initiative delivers total solutions for data mining, data warehouses, and data marts that are increasingly critical to e-business. The IBM Business Intelligence Initiative includes hardware, software, consulting and services; industry specific solutions; algorithms from IBM Research; the Teraplex Centers; hundreds of partners and over 2,500 people focused on BI.

The Beaverton, Ore.-based NUMA-Q Teraplex is the fifth platform-specific scalability testing facility to be introduced by IBM. IBM Teraplex Integration Centers are open to customers and business partners for no charge and are equipped for testing of applications and products from multiple IBM divisions and from non-IBM vendors. The S/390 and RS/6000 Teraplex Centers are located in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., AS/400 Center is in Rochester, Minn., and the Netfinity Teraplex, launched last month, is in Raleigh, N.C. More information about the Teraplex Integration Centers can be found at