IBM Delivers on SAN Initiative with New Solutions and Industry's Largest SAN Testing Center

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SOMERS, NY - 15 Dec 1999: -- IBM* today extended its Storage Area Network (SAN) initiative with five new SAN solutions based on its Netfinity* server line and the opening of the industry's most extensive facility for testing SAN solutions.

The solutions enable resellers, distributors and large enterprise customers to implement robust SANs that securely store and manage data in industry-standard, heterogeneous environments. IBM also announced SAN management applications from five leading software companies that have been tested for interoperability with Netfinity servers. In addition, IBM announced new functions for its Netfinity Fibre Channel Storage Manager * software.

"Companies are looking to open SAN solutions to keep up with the explosive storage demands of e-business," said Walter Raizner, vice president for marketing and strategy, IBM Technology Group. "IBM is unique in its ability to bring together a combination of storage, services, servers and software to take advantage of this important trend."

IBM's SAN initiative allows companies to share and manage their technology resources -- application servers, storage subsystems, networking hardware and software -- to provide transparent access to information anywhere, any time, independent of vendor computing systems and software applications. By separating information management from information processing, IBM's SAN solutions provide flexibility between server and storage elements.

The five new SAN solutions address specific enterprise storage requirements including:

"As IBM continues to develop and support new enterprise storage configurations, we reinforce our position as the industry's premier total SAN solutions provider," added Jim Gargan, director, Product Marketing, IBM Netfinity Brand. "IBM is delivering on its X-Architecture initiative by extending enterprise SAN solutions based on Netfinity servers and storage options to provide customers the best solutions for storing and managing critical e-business data."

SAN Interoperability Lab
IBM can help businesses implement a successful SAN solution by customizing and testing these and other storage configurations at the new IBM SAN Interoperability Lab. Located at IBM Global Services' National Testing Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland, it offers customers the ability to evaluate and prototype SAN solutions for reliability, scalability and security. The 80,000 sq. ft. facility also offers customers SAN performance management testing, stress testing and SAN proof of concept testing.

Extensive testing suites help customer IT teams to bunker down for weeks to simulate and test SAN configurations connected to hundreds of PCs and servers simultaneously around the clock. In addition, the SAN Lab is linked to 17 IBM regional test centers throughout North America, allowing customers to combine and coordinate resources to conduct remote tests. The center also can run e-business applications utilizing SAN Tape and Disk pooling solutions.

With the center's technical assets and capability of replicating true production environments -- such as generating real-time traffic conditions from real client loads using a client's own business applications -- the IBM SAN Interoperability Lab at Gaithersburg is unparalleled in the industry:

Netfinity Fibre Channel Storage Manager 7.0
IBM also upgraded its Netfinity Fibre Channel Storage Subsystem with new Storage Manager software. This new software, with improved functionality, can be utilized across multiple Netfinity Fibre Channel Storage Subsystems in SANs. Designed to support the increasingly complex fibre channel storage product portfolio, the Java-based Netfinity Fibre Channel Storage Manager v7.0 offers:

Starting today, the Netfinity Fibre Channel Storage Manager 7.0 will be bundled with new Netfinity Fibre Channel Storage Subsystems and available as a free upgrade to existing customers, who can download this software from .

IBM ServerProven(2) SAN and Storage Management Applications
To complement the five new enterprise SAN solutions, IBM is testing the following SAN and storage management applications for interoperability as part of the IBM ServerProven Program:

Today's announcements expand IBM's portfolio of enterprise SAN solutions using Netfinity Servers and storage options, as well as leading storage and SAN Management applications. Introduced this summer and currently available today, IBM SAN solutions include the following tested configurations:

Pricing is available upon request.

For additional information about Netfinity SAN enterprise storage solutions, visit: . For more information on IBM Global Services' testing centers, visit For information about IBM's SAN initiative, visit our Web site at:

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** Microsoft, Windows and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.

All other product and/or company names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

(1 ) One terabyte equals 1000 billion bytes; actual storage capacity may vary.

(2) IBM makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding non-IBM ServerProven products and services, including but not limited to Year 2000 readiness and the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

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