Towers Perrin Benefits from IBM S/390 e-business Solution with Java

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Somers, N.Y - 22 Dec 1999:

-- Towers Perrin today announced that they have developed an innovative e-business solution for their actuarial consulting practice, giving them an edge over the competition. Towers Perrin used OS/390, the flagship operating system for IBM S/390 enterprise servers, to run the Java-based solution and to provide the powerful framework for the new "VALdata" system. This "best practices" solution enables the company's benefits consultants worldwide to process data and generate reports easier and faster than the previous system. More than 2,000 Towers Perrin benefits consultants, working in 80 offices located in 23 countries, can access the VALdata system via an intranet Web browser portal.

"Our goal was to replace our existing benefits data processing systems with a standard 'best practices' solution," said Mark Toniatti, Principal and Valuation Director of Towers Perrin. "IBM helped us achieve this with powerful S/390 servers and the latest Java-based technology, producing a highly efficient and secure e-business system for data management and reporting."

Cited as one of the most innovative users of technology among companies with revenues of $1 billion or more, Towers Perrin administers benefits and pension programs for clients, and helps organizations execute their business strategies through innovative, cost-effective approaches in managing people, performance and risk.
"Towers Perrin is an innovator in using the latest IT technologies to serve its clients, " said Rich Lechner, director of e-business for IBM S/390 division. "Their new VALdata system takes advantage of e-business technologies on S/390 to provide a powerful data management tool for Towers Perrin consultants."

Available 24 hours a day to support worldwide operations, the Towers Perrin VALdata system provides the company's benefits consultants with access to applications they need to respond to client inquires, data requests and other client transactions. The S/390 enterprise server accepts input from disparate client data sources and performs data preparation (extraction, transformation to common data description, cleansing and validation) and then stores the information in a DB2 for OS/390 database on the server. IBM Global Services' participation enabled the project to enter limited production in less than six months and helped ensure that VALdata exceeded performance objectives.

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